Forgive and Love Your Enemy

God, I am so filled with anger at what has been done to me. Please help me to understand.

My child, I do not inflict suffering on you or any of my children. That time is long gone. Works of violence are works of the enemy—an enemy who hides in plain sight often and is embraced by many.

Do not let your pain turn to anger and hatred. That is an easy path to the enemy—a path he has intentionally laid out for you. You must forgive and learn to love your enemy. This is hard, but it is possible and necessary.

My Son showed the world and left a marker that will not be forgotten across all ages. He asked that those who killed Him be forgiven. Even as He died in agony, He loved them enough to ask for this. He knew the enemy blinded them.

The past holds the lesson and provides guidance. Learn from it and use what you learn to build a better future for yourselves and your children—my children. A future filled with love, kindness and compassion. One where all my children all accepted regardless of what stage of awareness they are in.

Fear, anger and hatred are all paths that lead away from me. I am not asking you to stand aside and accept wrongdoings. You must stand for love and help people change. Make bare the enemy’s works so that the world can see it for what it is and help heal all wounds inflicted.

By shining a light on the enemy and laying his works bare, you are rejecting him. Your light will force him back into the shadows from whence he came. It is your light and your works that will help free my children from his grips.

The path forward through pain can only be forgiveness and love. It doesn’t mean that I want you in a position to continue to be harmed, but that you love others as I love you; forgive them their ignorance and lack of understanding.

Remove yourself from conflict. Lay down your weapons. Hatred only begets hatred, and anger unleashed only begets violence. Innocent ones have been lost because of the act of those who feel justified in their retaliation. Their anger builds barriers and blinds so that they see everything through the same lens, rather than seeing with eyes of love.

Do not let your hurts fester, and please do not blame the whole for the acts of the few. There is an awakening in the world, and people are coming together. It is both a time of unity and a time of segregation.

Separate yourself from the enemy. Unite with all my children and shine your light for those lost in the shadows. Help bring them back to me. Show them that the path forward is through love and forgiveness.

The lost are also acting and living from a place of pain. They blame others for their choices and are swallowed by the darkness. They can be redeemed, and you can show them the way. You can show them how to forgive and move forward. Reach out your hand to them and pull them back into the light.

Only when fear, anger and hatred are erased will there be peace. There will be no true healing until all can let go of their anger. Turn your sorrow to me and let me hold your pain. I am with you, and I can bear your pain.

Be a shepherd and show the flock the way to peace. Do what He has done, my child, and learn to forgive and love your enemy.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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