In Everything There is Free Will

Faith will lead you home

God, why don’t you intervene? So many people are suffering, dying and at war. What are you doing?

I am with you, my child and helping in more ways than even you will ever know. You are my chosen, my child, and I love you. I love all my children and the world in which they abide. It is my creation. You are my creation; you are the work of my hands.

I have given everyone, all the angels and saints, all my children, the power to choose. In everything, there is free will, now and always. I want you to come to me not because you have to but because you want to. Come to me, my child, with open arms and love in your heart.

I will light a fire in your soul, from deep within, a fire that will spread throughout and make you to shine like the sun. You have free will. What do you choose? Who are you, my child? How do you live? Will you come to me?

The wars are caused by those who have walked away from the light. They are driven by greed and power, teaching others to hate when they should love. Those who dwell in darkness create weapons of all kinds and send them out upon this earth. Do not follow or focus on them. Pray for them that they may return to the light.

Times are hard, but there are lessons in every hardship. Sometimes it is to help strengthen your soul or call you back to me. Not all bad things that happen are lessons. The enemy is also at play, wreaking havoc where he goes, taking joy and glee in the downfall of others.

When my children have had enough or are bearing too much, I do bring them home. Do not hate me for it, for in their leaving, there is peace and eternal joy for them. You can choose how to remember them. They have been a blessing to you; focus on the joy they gave and not the sorrow left behind.

There has always been suffering, and there will continue to be suffering. Suffering brings about growth and change for those willing to work through it. I don’t inflict pain on you, my child, but I do give you the strength to endure it, to overcome it.

You ask me why I don’t intervene, yet I ask, why can you not see my works, my gifts, my child? I have sent you angels and messages, but you sometimes dwell too deep in yourself or your sorrow and despair that you miss them. Look for them, see them, feel them for they are there.

I do not hide my child; I am in plain sight. You can find me standing in front of you as a loved one, a friend, a homeless person, a lost child. I am offering you a chance to love, to give, wholly, freely and without reservation.

I am in the air, the birds, the butterfly, all that brings joy. You can find me in the words of songs that make you smile and help you remember what it was to be a child, carefree and loving.

Yes, I know your suffering, and I hear your prayers. Remember, too, that wherever you go, whatever you do, there is free will. At every corner of your life, a choice which path to walk. Will you use your free will to decide to walk in the light, or will you turn away and ignore my signs, my gifts.

If all my children walked in the light, there would be no wars, no shaming or judgement. The choice is always yours. Free will is a gift, but like all gifts, it can be used to destroy or bring joy. Walk in the light, my child. Never forget that you are mine, and you are meant to shine.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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