Turn From The Enemy

Faith will lead you home

God, temptation is everywhere. Please help me to be strong.

My child, you must hold fast to what is right and turn from the enemy. Close your eyes and ears to temptation and continue down the path of light.

The enemy has one goal, and that is to turn you from me. He will place many temptations in front of you. He attempts to lure you away with false hope and empty promises. His path is one of darkness.

The path of light is one of love and kindness, compassion and honesty. It can be hard at times, while the enemy makes his way seem easy. Walking in the light brings joy and peace into your life. When you walk with me, you will always remain in the light, and the shadow will be repelled.

It is when you walk on the sidelines that you open the door and provide an opportunity for darkness to enter. Looking for love and joy in temporary places often leads you astray. You may be happy in the moment, but it will not last.

The temporary joy offered by the enemy leaves you empty and wanting more. Only the love and light that comes through the spirit is lasting. The soul is your link to me and your source of light. It is good and pure, and only love can exist in its light.

Walk with me. Hold me in your heart, your thoughts, your words and in your actions. When you keep me with you, I am your shield. I am made visible to the world through your actions. You become my beacon of hope and love.

You were made to shine and made to love and be loved. When you walk with me and take me with you, you shine for others to see. It helps them find their way and know what is right when they become tempted.

Many of my children have given in to temptation. Know that I understand you are not perfect. The path to me is always present and available. If you have strayed, learn from the error of your ways. Ask forgiveness sincerely and know it is given. Look to your spirit to guide you.

It is when you speak empty promises with no intention of changing and trying to do better that you move further away from me. You are the captain of your vessel and must work hard to stay on the intended course,

Steer yourself in light, and others will be pulled into your path. They will join you, and together you can change the world for the better. Yet, know this, if you steer yourself towards the rocks, you will crash and find only darkness. Look for me in the storm and in the calm, for I am in both. I am everywhere; even where the enemy resides, there I am, working to shine a light to show you the way back.

The world is filled with trickery, deceit, temptations and lies, all coming from the enemy. He has weaved himself into all areas of life. He is in the government, the media and walks the streets around you. It is an ever-present challenge as he uses modern tools to entice and lure. Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Look for the light. My children use the same tools to spread truth and love. They use them for good and cast light on the darkness.

For every shadow, there is light to dispel it, my light. Your light is ever shining, and even if you walk away and it dims, you can replenish it. It is an eternal vessel of light and love, a spirit entwined with the very fibres of my being.

Recognize temptation when it is presented to you, and then decide to remain in love. The choice is and will always be yours. Look to the light and turn from the enemy.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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