A Mother’s Love

Sitting, I wrap my hands lovingly around my belly. I am not a mother quite yet, but already I have a mother’s love for her child. Already I am nurturing and taking care of myself, and in doing so, I am taking care of my unborn child.

Soothing, I rock the crying infant to sleep, changing diapers as needed and feeding as required. I hold him close, smelling his head and quietly thank God for gifting and entrusting me with such a precious child. I dream of what he might become.

Rushing, I pick up the fallen toddler, who cries for me before realizing it. Brushing off dirt, I check and clean scraped knees and hands, making sure to kiss them better. Sudsy baths, tickles, cuddles and snuggles before bedtime and nighttime prayers happily fill my days.

Hugging, I comfort my teen, so he will know he is always loved by me and my arms are always there, ready to embrace him no matter how old he is. Long talks, movie nights, driveway basketball and soccer games take over schedules. Friends, coming and going as he slowly pulls away from childhood wants and needs.

Watching, I see them grow and bloom into the people they were meant to be. For some, this is not the case. Not every child makes it. Some are lost to violence, drugs, accidents and illness, but a mother’s love goes on. Many are lucky enough to watch as their children shine.

Kissing, a soft goodbye while attempting not to cry as they leave home and run towards the horizon. Work, college, university, all pull them towards a new direction and away, but the mothers’ love and bond is there, an invisible string that joins through spirit.

Calls, and visits come less frequently, but are joyfully welcomed. With every visit knowledge is gained and an awareness that the bond is still there stronger than ever.

Dancing, a wedding song and a new stage begins. Life moves forward as it should. Squared shoulders stand, ready to face the next chapter, but hugs are still given and taken between mother and child.

Smiling, as the news of new birth is given and memories arise, taking you back to the beginning. A new bond will be created, and the cycle will start again while the original continues, strong and steadfast.

Tears, a final goodbye with the reminder that the bond will remain; though we are separated, it will not be forever. One last hug, one last kiss, one final smile, one final ‘I love you’ from the one who has loved you the longest.

So is a mother’s love. You carry it with you from conception to death, even after their own passing. Through sickness and health, you carry it. The love is engrained and interwoven in your heart, for better or worse. Nothing can compare to a mother’s love.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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