I Will Never Leave You

I will never leave you, my children. Know that I am here and always with you.

I know that many of you are feeling alone and forgotten. You are not alone. I am always with you, right by your side, housed within your Spirit. You can find me, in all my children, whose path you will cross daily.

This is true, you are of me, and as such, I cannot forget you. You, are as much a part of me, as I am of you. You may turn away from me, but my gaze will never turn from you. I will be with you always, watching, listening and providing assistance on your journey.

If you leave me, I will still be here, waiting for your return. I will send assistance your way, to help and to guide you. The choice to leave is always yours, this is free will. Just know, that you, my child, are woven into the fabric of life, my fabric.

I have assigned angels to all my children from the time of their conception. They will watch over you until you return home. These too are my gift to you. Use them. Call on them when you are in need. Thank them when they intervene and assist. Talk to them, get to know them. In doing so you are drawn closer to me as well.

Rather than blame me for the world’s suffering, your suffering, figure out how you can help. What can you do? When you ease the suffering of those around you, I am there. I am the child suffering, alone, and in the lonely and forgotten.

Putting others before yourself is an act of love. In these acts you will find me. I am found in consideration and compassion, kindness and thoughtfulness. Living with these traits, you shine. When you shine, it is my light the world will see, allowing others to also know that I am here and have not left them.

Should you choose to walk away from the path of light, be warned. The path of darkness is that of the enemy. It is a path on which I do not exist. Know that it is a path of loneliness and anger, pain and frustration. This doesn’t mean that I have left you, it means that I am here, on the path of light waiting for you to return.

I have sent angels into the darkness to help you. These angels will shine their light for you, so you, child, can find your way home. The paths are side by side. It only takes one step to return to the path of light. I am here, on the path of light, waiting. I am here always.

These continue to be trying times for all of my children. The enemy is pushing hard. Do not forget that he cannot win. Hold fast to your light and you will never lose hope.

Always remember and hold these words in your heart, I will never leave you, my children.

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Published by Leslie Dobson

Leslie has been writing since she was a young child, first with poetry and short stories and later with song lyrics, young adult stories and inspirational sayings. She is a multi-genre author and her blogs and books come when and where the Spirit leads.

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