Anything Is Possible With Passion Behind It

When you live with passion, you find a way to do the essential things. Anything is possible with passion behind it.

People nowadays want things so quickly. They forget there is an amount of effort that goes into getting what it is you are chasing. When you don’t have passion for what you’re doing, you usually don’t give it your all and often give up.

We cannot reach our goals when we are ‘dialling it in.’ We must take all steps necessary, learn all that we need to know and work smart. When you have passion driving you, the work is not hard. There is a particular joy that continues to propel us forward. This is because we are in tune with our authentic selves and purpose.

I remember driving a girl home for several weeks. Every night she would tell me why she couldn’t live the life she wanted. Her list was full of excuses, or ‘why nots.’ I looked at her when we stopped at a light and asked, ‘Is this going to be another boohoo poor you story, or are you going to tell me what you tried and what you think you need to do next?’ The look on her face had me thinking about how I was just a little bit insensitive. But, you know what? She straightened in her seat and said it was initially going to be a boohoo story but then went on to tell me what she had done, and then she asked what she could do next. That was the start of her shift. From there, we could plan, and she could work towards her goal.

That same girl is now living her passion as a nurse, and what a gift to the world she is. Every once in a while, she will call me up and say, ‘This is a boohoo poor you story, I just need to vent, and you just need to listen.’ It has become our little joke. After she vents, she always tells me what she will do about her problem.

Everyone has excuses these days that sound something like this… ‘my husband doesn’t,’ ‘my wife doesn’t,’ ‘my mother or parent didn’t,’ or ‘my boss won’t.’ It isn’t up to them to fix your problem, it is up to you. The only one who can make that shift and move from going through the motions to living with passion is you.

I once had a girl tell me her dreams. We plotted out what she could do to make it happen while working. Three months later, she was still complaining. I looked at her and said, ‘you could have knocked out some courses by now, but you are still making up reasons why you “can’t” instead of why you should and doing what you must.’ She was happy complaining and never doing. I lost touch with her after that because she understood I was about resolutions and actions and wasn’t going to have a pity party with her.

The difference between people who succeed and people who fail is their passion. They put the effort in and do the work required to achieve their goals. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way.

Don’t tell people why you can’t do it because that becomes your excuse. Tell them why you want to do it and ask for help when needed. Anything is possible with passion behind it.

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Doing What’s Right Can Take Courage

Sometimes you have to do what is right, not what is easy. Doing what’s right can take courage.

Life, even when straightforward, can be hard at times. It is made even more complicated by the choices we are asked to make throughout our journey.

The choices presented to us, and the decisions we make, reflect the person we are and the beliefs we hold. Technology, especially social media, has given a voice to those who would have you believe that you should do what is fun and makes people laugh, even when at another’s expense. This is wrong. Yes, it is that simple.

There has been a plus side. It is also giving those who refuse to take it anymore a voice, a platform to demand change; not just for them but for the betterment of all who are, or have been, suffering.

It takes courage at times to stand up for what is right, knowing that hate and angry words may fly your way. Courage to refuse even a loved one when they are disrespectful, hurtful and going down a path you cannot walk with them.

There is a certain kind of strength required at times to live your morals and your faith. Even when you know it will make you sad, break your heart, and feel the pain of letting go. Yet, you must have the courage to do what you know in the very depths of your soul is right.

Nobody ever promised us that life would be easy. In fact, life can be challenging and push us to the very edge at times, but we must respond with courage and love, strength and conviction if we are to live an honest and faithful life.

We must rise and stand against the bullies in this world and our lives. Sometimes, in the rising, we must simply walk away and say ‘no more.’ We must use our voices to cry out against evil and harmful actions towards others, even when that is not the most popular choice.

At times, there is a risk that comes with doing what is right. You may lose a friend, a family member, and possibly a job. At the end of our lives, we leave a legacy behind. Everyone does. The type of legacy is up to each of us.

You can take the easy way out and stand silent, but inside you will know what you are doing is wrong. The reality is that when you do nothing, you are helping no one. You are going against the grain of your very being. This, too, will cause you sadness and angst.

It is not always easy, and at times it can make us sad, but we also feel good when we know we’ve done what is right. We can gather strength from the action and continue moving forward.

So, while it may not be easy at times, remember that there are others out there who understand that doing what’s right can take courage.

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Be Prosperous With Positivity

Money is not the only thing you can be prosperous with, be prosperous with positivity.

Most people associate prosperity with financial wealth. The definition itself eludes to success and wealth, but it also calls out well-being, ease and comfort, among other things. The word prosperous comes from the Latin word ‘prosperus,’ which means ‘doing well.’

Doing well doesn’t just mean financial stability. It can be a state of mind, an attitude with which we live by. We have a choice which attitudes and emotions we call to the surface and present to the world.

When we are prosperous in kindness, joy and love, it reckons that happiness will follow. The way we receive these things is to give them freely. Like attracts like; sow the seeds that you yourself wish to reap.

What happens, though, when we are prosperous with positivity? When you infuse a positive attitude into everything you do, even challenges become easier to handle.

Being positive means having an optimistic outlook. It also means being confident in yourself and your abilities. You may not know what you are doing now, especially if you are just starting out on a new venture or trying to turn your life around, but if you have confidence in yourself, you are more likely to succeed.

When you believe in yourself or are confident and optimistic about a particular situation, you will work harder to ensure you have a good outcome. This is because it supports your belief and your positive attitude.

Positivity not only helps you hold a cheerier disposition, it also helps others who may be struggling. They see what is possible. It doesn’t matter if you have a positive outlook or a negative one; your attitude is contagious. Knowing this, why wouldn’t you want to spread confidence and happiness?

Maintaining a positive attitude takes work. It is not always easy to maintain that confident or happy disposition. We all have days where we feel down or don’t have as much energy as we should, but if we train ourselves, we can hop into our positivity suit quickly.

The more often you hold a positive attitude, the further embedded this attitude will become until it is just a part of you. When that happens, you will be prosperous with positivity.

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Be Willing To Make Mistakes

If you are going to grow, you must be willing to make mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes. That is how we learn. It teaches us what not to do, but it also teaches us that there is usually a right way and a wrong way to go about things.

When we are just starting out on a new venture, there is much for us to learn. Accept that you will make mistakes and embrace the opportunity to hone your skill or perfect your product offering.

Every mistake is a learning opportunity. Assess what went wrong and then determine what you need to do the next time to avoid the same error. Also, accept that there may be a few more mistakes along the way, especially if you try to fast-track your way to the top without learning which key steps are required to get there.

Mistakes don’t only happen when we are trying to learn something new, they can happen at any point in time. The wrong word or approach in a relationship can do great harm. Be willing to understand that, and offer an apology when you make a mistake. Make sure, though, that your apology is sincere. Then learn from that experience and don’t make the same mistake again.

When we learn from our mistakes, we grow, not just in wisdom but also in maturity. Every mistake offers us both a lesson and an opportunity. Do not ignore the signs, or you will repeat the mistakes until you learn what it is you need to.

Don’t be disappointed in yourself or get frustrated when things go wrong. Instead, change how you are looking at them to see if there is something different that you could be doing.

The worst thing you can do is give up. If you really want something or love someone, then you will be willing to try every possible thing to make it, or the relationship, work.

Remember that we are not perfect, and be willing to make mistakes.

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I Will Carry The Load

God, I am not sure I can go on; it is just too much for me.

Give to me your burdens, my child, and I will carry the load. No task is too small for me, no burden too heavy. When it is too hard for you, lean on me.

Ask, and I shall help you. Believe in me to do so, and do not pull your worries and your burdens back and away from me. You must trust me and have faith that I will help carry the load when it is too heavy.

I will give you the strength you need to keep going. Let me in and receive my help. You are stronger than you may be feeling right now in this moment. This period in time is short and will pass. You have only to survive it and learn from any lessons provided.

If you feel temptation coming towards you, turn away. Turn your face from the enemy and toward me. I am your light and salvation and have already given the greatest gift to you, the gift of forgiveness, given freely for all my children.

When you are too tired, I will carry you, my child. You do not realize it, but I have carried you many times throughout your life already. I will hold you up when you are weak, give you courage when you are afraid and provide you shelter from the storm. You only have to choose these gifts and not walk away from them.

Do not lose hope, for I am with you. You are never alone, and you are always loved. Open your heart fully to me, my child. Let your spirit shine in all its glory, and you will know great joy in this life.

Reach out to others and let them also help you in your time of need. I have many earth angels who do my work in this world. Be not ashamed of your struggle, for others have struggled just as you are right now. Ask for help sincerely and receive it fully when it is given.

Do not let the burdens of this life weigh you down. Give them to me, my child, and I will carry the load.

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Everybody Is At A Different Level

Everybody is at a different level, so only keep score with yourself.

Whether it be physical fitness, emotional fitness, or practical working knowledge, everyone is at a different level. Some people are just starting, and some are at their peak. When you compare yourself with others, all you do is set yourself up for some kind of disappointment.

People can provide a benchmark for you or be an example of what, or what not, to do but the only person you should be keeping score with is yourself. Every one of us is different and at different levels, hopefully striving to be the best that we can.

Having a guide and a mentor is one thing, but comparing ourselves to somebody who is already reaching their goals when we have not is another. A mentor is someone we can learn from and who will teach us how to succeed. Comparing ourselves only sets us up for disappointment because we have not yet succeeded where they have.

To keep score with oneself, you must know where you are going. We must have a specific goal or idea of what we want and then break that goal down into actionable items. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new job or getting into better physical shape.

Your goals must be reasonable, specific, measurable, and within reach. If you need to lose 100 pounds, you don’t say that it will happen in four weeks. It took longer than that to put on, and it will take work and discipline to take it off over several months. The idea is to set an attainable goal like taking off 10 pounds every 3 to 4 weeks. Doing this allows us to reach our goal and build some new healthier habits along the way, habits that can be sustained moving forward.

When we set a series of attainable and measurable goals for ourselves, we can then keep track to determine how we are progressing. This is where you want to keep score and know how you are doing. Are you progressing as you expected? Do you need to make any changes because you’re running into roadblocks? Is there something new you need to learn?

When you achieve your smaller goals, celebrate your success. Ensure that you are growing or improving and are getting closer to where you want to be. Then move on and keep going.

There will always be others who are ahead of us or behind us. Don’t put yourself above or below anyone. Set your own bar, and when you reach it, raise it to the next level.

Make sure to stretch yourself, within reason, as you go. This ensures that you are moving forward and not just dialling it in. It is easy to make it look like we are trying without really putting in any effort just so we can say it’s too hard, or we can’t do it’. Don’t create or give yourself a reason for failure. Make a commitment and then be all in.

You are your best benchmark. Always remember that everybody is at a different level.

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Go On A Happiness Journey

Whenever you are sad, go on a happiness journey.

Everybody gets sad from time to time. The key is to experience the emotion without dwelling on it for long. When you learn how to do that, you will understand that happiness is a state of being; a mindset and a choice.

So, how does one go on a happiness journey? Well, you start by recollecting and thinking about all the things that make you happy. Then you spend some time visiting those happy memories.

Take time with each happy memory, and feel the emotion, don’t just think about it. Once you begin to relive the memory with the feeling, you will find that you are moving out of the state of sadness and into a state of happiness. Hold onto that state and get familiar with the feeling.

In the future, you should be able to associate the memory with a joyful or happy feeling and call the feeling up quickly in times of sorrow. By associating certain things like memories, or pictures, or even words with happiness we can train ourselves to change our mood by using those very same triggers.

Never forget to take time also to be grateful for the good times and the sad times. It seems strange to many people when I say be grateful for the sad times, but if we were never happy, or we never loved, then we wouldn’t be sad. So we are grateful for the good things that we experienced before the sadness. We are thankful for the sadness because it reminds us that we felt love and joy.

It is easy at times to wallow and feel sorry for ourselves, but when we stay too long in our sadness, depression can set in. Once depression takes over, it is tough to come out of that emotional state quickly. We lack the desire to do anything, and we forget that there are things in our lives we should be grateful for. There are things in our lives that make us smile and are worth remembering.

Happiness is your responsibility and yours alone. Don’t look for others to make you happy. It is your choice which mood you will embrace, whether it be sadness or happiness, is entirely up to you. Do things that bring you joy and make you happy, and that also serve others as often as you can.

There is a great joy to be found in serving others. Whether it is helping someone learn, sharing our time, or our skill, there are always ways that we can help others. An elderly neighbour may need help with yard work, or they may be lonely and just need someone to talk to. A school or library may need volunteers. Many non-profit organizations need volunteers. By giving of yourself and bringing joy to others, you will receive joy in return.

There are many things you can do to change your mood up. The next time you are feeling low, pull yourself up and go on a happiness journey.

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Life Happens For You Not To You

Life happens for you, not to you

Everyone is affected by events that unfold around them but remember that life happens for you, not to you.

How we perceive the things that happen in our life is up to each of us. We have a choice whether to embrace or ignore, enjoy or detest the things that happen around us.

When something happens to you, do you ever stop to wonder why it is happening? What is the reason or lesson behind the event that is taking place? Everything that happens is due to some type of trigger. Either we have a lesson to learn, or we are a catalyst for someone else’s lesson.

If nothing is happening in our life, it is because we have closed ourselves off or are turning a blind eye to the world. Sometimes, we even are wondering why something is happening for someone else and never us. The most straightforward answer is because we are not taking the same actions that they are.

We all have different lessons to learn in life. Each meant to help us grow in love, faith and wisdom. It is up to us to be an active participant in those events embracing them for what they are.

When you understand that life is happening for you, you start to look at things differently. You begin noticing all the things that aren’t enjoyable and begin taking steps to change them.

Yes, we indeed experience the emotions that go along with an event that is directed towards us. This can be happy, sad, or make us frustrated, even angry at times. The key is remembering we have a choice about what we allow into our psyche.

If someone is yelling at you, is it really about you? Do you need to absorb those words? Is it a lesson to teach you to walk away and not engage, or is it an opportunity for you to provide a lesson of growth for the other person?

When we walk through life thinking everything is happening to us, we live in more of a victim mindset. When, however, we understand that life is happening for us, we look for opportunities for happiness, small moments that make us smile as things fall in place as they should.

Be an observant participant in your own life. Reach for your dreams and never forget that life is happening for you, not to you.

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Grow and Bloom

Don’t sit and stagnate. Choose to grow and bloom.

When you sit back and stay in your pod, in this case, your comfort zone, you limit yourself. A flower does not bloom until it pushes out of its pod, expanding and growing until it reaches its full potential.

Expand your limits, and you may be surprised at the beauty and joy you discover in your own growth. Don’t be afraid to learn something new and stretch yourself.

There is usually a struggle as we grow because we are pushing into new and unfamiliar territory. We must adapt to our new surroundings, which may take time. The thing to remember is you weren’t always where you are at today. You had to learn something to get to this point, and you will need to continue to educate yourself if you are to continue to thrive.

When we stop learning, we stagnate, and things become routine with no effort. Eventually, the joy and excitement wear off, taking passion with it. As things become rote, we stop paying attention to detail. Ultimately we become bored because there is nothing new to edge us forward.

Unhappiness is found in boredom, so make sure to infuse your life with the beauty and intrigue of knowledge. Growth only comes when we learn. When we grow and stretch, we become wiser.

With wisdom comes a certain knowing, an understanding that life is an ever continual cycle of growth. Some things wither and die when left untended while others rest and recuperate like a flower in winter, gathering strength to grow and bloom anew. It is a never-ending cycle.

Sometimes we meld what we learn and apply it to existing methodologies in our lives. This, like the merging or splicing of flowers, creates a new hybrid. Something, that when fed, grows stronger and brighter.

Reach for your dreams and live with passion and as you journey through life, continue to grow and bloom.

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There Are Lessons To Be Learned

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, succeed or fail. There are lessons to be learned along the way.

When we are young, we are continually learning. Most of us have some kind of preconceived notion that once we finish school, we will stop learning and begin living. The opposite is true. We are living when we are learning.

Life is a journey, and along the way, if we do what we are supposed to, we will grow in wisdom, faith and love. These are not necessarily independent.

When we fail at something, we must figure out what went wrong and try again and be successful. It may take many attempts, but eventually, we will have learned what we need to, and we will succeed. With that success comes growth in knowledge. We know more than we did at the beginning of that particular journey.

When we succeed, we are also learning. We must learn to live in a new light, not as someone who has tried and failed but as someone who has succeeded. Many people understand that initial success is temporary, and we need to keep taking action if we want to continue to be a success.

We also need to learn how to live our success. What we do with it is ultimately up to us, but nothing is more rewarding than giving back and helping others in their journey. We learn that we can afford to be more giving, more charitable.

Wisdom only comes by doing; we do, and we learn, and we increase our knowledge along the way. As we begin to understand what works and what doesn’t, what brings joy, and what brings pain, we grow in proficiency.

The same thing comes with faith. As we get older, if we continue to study and pray, we grow closer to God. We become more loving and compassionate, and we start to understand that life is a gift and we are meant to serve others, to use our talents for the benefit of others.

Ultimately if we pay attention, we also begin to love ourselves for who we are. We accept every struggle, every hurt and pain as part of our journey, leading us to where we are. These are the things that make us stronger. We are all beautiful and loved, not despite of but because of our imperfections. They are what makes us unique.

There are a plethora of lessons to learn as we journey through our life. When we do not learn the lesson, we repeat the events until we do. Sometimes, this can be painful as we struggle to overcome the challenges presented to us.

Once we have learned the lesson, we move on to the next piece in our evolution as human beings. This is how we grow in wisdom, faith and love.

Remember, in everything you do, every year of your life, for as long as you live, there are lessons to be learned.

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