It Is Not Ours

It is not ours to judge
nor even ask why
it is only ours to find joy
and yes, sometimes cry

We each have a light
meant to shine bright
to bring strength to others
and fight the good fight

To lend a helping hand
to smile and to love
to guide and support
not accuse, nor to shove

It is not ours to understand
Gods greater plan
only ours to love fully
our entire life span

We each have a gift
meant to be shared
a legacy to leave
to show that we cared

Live your life well
every day, every hour
give God what is His
all the glory and power

When life gets you down
and sadness just towers
remember this all is temporary
and nothing really ever is ours

© Leslie C Dobson

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When The Calling Changes

We are all called to do certain things. It is important to understand what to do when the calling changes.

Life is not static. It is an ever-changing evolution and process of growth. As a result, we must be able to change and adapt when needed.

Each of us has a calling in life, a purpose that we must fulfill. Our calling is usually tied to a passion and not only allows us to serve others in some capacity but also brings us joy as well.

We must understand that our calling can change. As we grow mentally, physically and spiritually, we can do more than we could before or take on something new that we would not have been able to do earlier.

Growth is a natural part of life. We live, we learn, and hopefully, we get wiser. It is up to us to figure out what to do with that newfound wisdom when it comes.

I have been called to do many things over the years. When I reject or ignore those callings, life becomes more difficult. It is only when I accept and follow the calling that I am at peace and find joy.

Understanding our callings and knowing what to do about them are two different things, a topic for tomorrow, perhaps. For now, just know that usually, there is learning involved when we begin to follow and fulfill our purpose.

Don’t be afraid of the end of one calling. It usually means another is on its way. Listen and take time to reflect, and you will find that you know what to do next.

When I wrote the Letters from God series, I had been called for several years to do it. I started it, had all the topics outlined and then stopped. Why? Simply put, I didn’t know what to do with it. I set it on the shelf until I could figure it out. Between doing that and setting up my website, I was called to do an inspirational book. I had learned not to fret or worry when I wasn’t sure what would come next, I always trust God to lead me.

When I set up my website to list my books, I was told that I needed to blog. I had to learn about everything from setting up my site to what is involved in a blog. During that time, a whisper came. It was low at first but grew more prominent with each blog I wrote. That whisper was my calling. The words were simple, ‘It’s time for the Letters. Write one every Sunday for one year.’

I blogged the letters from God consistently because this calling I knew came from God, entrusted to me and meant for those who needed the words. From the start I never worried about who read them, liked them or didn’t. I just wrote. In the end, I wasn’t sure what came next, but someone reached out and asked me to create a book. The whisper said, ‘it will reach more people, do it, my child.’ That is how 52 Sundays came to be.

I never worried there wouldn’t be another calling because, by nature, I am called to write. There are always many works in progress with me, but I always stop and listen to see if anything else is requested. As a writer, I had these conversations that I would write in the middle of the night. Often the next morning, I’d read them because I usually didn’t remember writing them.

One day the voice whispered again, ‘Share your conversations. Ask the people what they would ask me, and I will answer.’ This is how the blog Conversations with God came to be. I shared some of my own conversations, which, if I’m being honest, was very nerve-racking. My internal voice kept saying, ‘people will think you’re crazy,’ but I did it because that is what God called me to do. Eventually, it will become a book, and some people will like it and others not, and that is okay. I fulfilled the request made of me; I wrote, I shared, and at times I bared my own fears.

Once again I find myself wondering what will be next, but the voice says, ‘rest and enjoy your writing.’ Today I plan on doing that. I will still blog and share my quotes with everyone, but I plan to get back to my fictional series.

I shared this with you because I want you to understand that callings can change, and that is okay. As long as we are open to the changes, we can receive some wonderful gifts. My works are read in 75 countries worldwide, and I have chatted with people from many of those places. That would not have happened without the first calling, or if I ignored the calling and didn’t do it.

So live your passion, your true authentic life and fulfill your purpose. Keep your head up, be alert and listen for your callings. They will come, and they will change.

Never be afraid of what will happen when the calling changes.

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Resting Clears The Mind

When you are too tired, remember that resting clears the mind.

Often, we get too overtired because we are busy running from one thing to the next. When we run ourselves into the ground, our body quits on us. This is because our mind tells us the body needs a break.

The problem is that many people ignore the subtle cues that say, ‘it’s time to rest.’ They keep on going and push themselves past their limit and then wonder why their body failed them.

Even I am known to do this once in a while. This past summer, the cost for not heeding the warning signs was high. I spent a day and a half kneeling, cleaning the weeds and dirt out from between the paving stones on my driveway and walkway. On the second day my knee began to hurt. This is a knee I had injured in my early 20s. I know when it starts to ache, it is time to stop. Instead of stopping I went inside and got a towel to put on my kneeler so I could finish one more section before quitting. The consequence was my knee went one way and my leg the other. I have been paying for it ever since and am just now starting to get back to normal after many tubes of Voltaren, trips to the chiropractor, exercising it, etc.

I missed out on quite a bit because I couldn’t walk far, ride my bike, play in my garden, dance (which I love to do) and many other things. Had I only listened to the signal my body was sending, I could have waited a few days and finished the walkway and then enjoyed all the things I missed out on.

The same is true for our thoughts when we get tired. Our thinking becomes muddled, we make poor decisions and even can become short-tempered. There is a feeling your brain gets when it is overtired; a heavy, fuzzy or foggy feeling. Everyone gets it, and a lot of people ignore it and keep going.

The consequence of continuing when your brain is tired is that you make mistakes. It is that simple. You need to recognize this and act accordingly by giving your brain (and your body) the rest is needs.

Another result of your brain being too tired is that your reaction times are slower. If you are a multi-tasker like me, you get frustrated because you can’t work at the pace you are used to or desire. Even single-task workers find it more challenging to function at 100% when they are out of energy.

A car won’t run on an empty tank, and neither will you. Once the fuel is gone, things quickly stop functioning until you refill the tank. In this case, you must rest and refuel your brain

Once rested, you can go back to your regular routine. The key is to find a better balance so that you do not run yourself into the ground again or ignore the warning signals when you get tired.

Many falls or accidents have occurred because a person was too tired. Multi-million dollar errors have been made because exhaustion prevented a small detail to be missed. The list is endless as to what can occur when one is too tired.

You are the one who knows your body best, so it is up to you to decipher the signals and recognize when you need to stop and take a break.

There are times we need to stretch ourselves and times we need to stop to prevent injury. Don’t wait, or you will not recognize the signs. It is better to rest and return than injure yourself or make mistakes. Know the difference and never forget that resting clears the mind.

Free inspirational or motivational posts can be found on the inspirational page of Leslie’s website.

I Have Come

God, where are you, are you there?

My child, I have come; my flesh born unto this world for you, for all.

As you remember this gift rejoice, reflect and renew your faith. The legacy left behind has been one of love. A love so deep that it culminated in creating a path to me through forgiveness and with great sacrifice. It was the gift of gifts and sacrifice to end all sacrifices; a son born unto a virgin to save the world and show the way.

Rejoice and celebrate the miracle of the birth, not just once a year but throughout the whole year. Remember it and hold the love and joy you feel on Christmas Day in your heart every day of the year.

Reflect on the days that led up to the birth and those that followed. Learn the lessons and messages left behind. Know them intimately. Each is a lesson in love and faith.

Renew your faith and share it with the world. Share it by loving all you meet, without reservation, without condition. Love is a living example of your faith. It walks, talks and knows no bounds. Love, my child, do not hold it in reserve, for your love was meant to be shared.

Your faith is strengthened when you pray and continue to learn. Live the examples provided by my son, and in doing so, you will feel my presence. Learn from your missteps and ask forgiveness, and it shall be given.

Through His birth and resurrection, I am with you. When you gather in my name, I am there. I dwell in the spirit you house; for in all my children I will reside through the spirit, as the spirit is of me and I of the spirit.

You, my child, are loved and not forgotten. I am with you always, for I stand behind, in front and beside you all the days of your journey. You will never be alone as long as you hold me in your heart and carry me with you.

Look for me in all you meet, for I am there. All my children carry me, even when they don’t know or understand it. Know that if you judge them, you judge me, and so are judged. If you hate them, it is as if you hate me, and if you hurt them, you harm me, and in return yourself. So love. Love fully and wholly without regard or bias.

Welcome me anew each day. Celebrate and rejoice for unto you a Son was born, a saviour for the world. Know and trust in your heart that I have come, and I will come again at the appointed hour.

There have been signs and messages left that indicate the time of my return. The days are nearing, but there is time yet. Use your time wisely and fulfill your promise, a promise made before your journey began. Your soul knows these promises and compels you towards fulfilling them. When you flee from it, you will feel discomfort; when you are close to it, you will feel calm and at peace within.

You are a light unto the world; my light made to shine and be a beacon to the all. Use your talents and love in the service of others, and they will see your glow. Shine like the brightest star in the heavens.

If you ever feel lost, turn inward and pray; you will find me. Listen with your spirit, and you will hear me. These things I have said before and will say repeatedly until you hold these truths firmly in your heart.

Know, my child, and trust that I am here, for I have come.

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