Never Stop Trying

It is only when we quit trying that we lose. Keep the faith and never give up, never stop trying.

Don’t let lifes’ little setbacks stop you from trying. No one said things would be easy or even that they would flow smoothly. In fact, sometimes it is in the challenges where you uncover the flaws. It is not just the effort but fixing the problems along the way that brings our vision into reality.

If you aren’t willing to do the work, you won’t get the results you are looking for. Everyone needs to execute each step, repeating as necessary, until everything is completed. If you cut corners the fact is you will have a job that is not complete.

You have to be willing to work at it. Just because something’s hard doesn’t make it impossible or not worth doing. That is how you learn, by doing something new and putting in the effort.

Athletes, while gifted with a natural talent, work hard at their sports, constantly honing and sharpening their skills. Their workouts and training are difficult but they don’t quit. They understand that in order to be at the top of their game they need to put in the effort and do the hard work.

If you lack confidence, you may find yourself wanting to quit but that is exactly when you need to dig deeper. Don’t quit on yourself, rather, invest in yourself. You are worth the effort.

My mother used to say ’anything worth doing is worth doing well’. To this day I believe that. I don’t quit because it is hard, nor do I cut corners. When things are hard I figure out what is missing, or what I need to do, and then I do it.

It’s one thing to change directions or change your mind, but it is another to quit just because something is hard. Quitting is the easy way out and can become habit forming. If you quit because it is hard you will continue to quit, never completing anything.

Do yourself a favour, remember that you and your dreams are worth the effort. You deserve to fulfill your dreams and reap the rewards. When things get hard, or you are confronted with challenges, roll up your sleeves and put in the work. Whatever you do, never give up and never stop trying.

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One Day

One day the world will be free,
and everyone will live in peace;
no one will live in fear,
war and violence will all cease.

Some day no one will recall,
when others were hurt;
and some were belittled,
or shoved in the dirt.

Any day will be a good day,
the world will be a wonderful place;
and all can love freely,
regardless of creed, colour or race.

One day, and I hope that I will be here,
kindness, compassion and love will lead the way;
if everyone believes and acts,
world peace will, and can happen, one day.

© Leslie C Dobson

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Keep Your Eyes Focused

When you are walking through life remember to keep your eyes focused. Set your eyes upon the path you are walking, living your authentic life.

Sometimes, people gaze too much on the past that it inhibits their journey. If you are always looking back you miss the things happening right in front of you. You may end up stumbling or even falling. You can become lost in the past, longing for what was and forgetting about the beauty of what can be.

It is okay if you’re looking back to check your progress and perhaps make small corrections, ensuring that you remain on the correct path. Learning from your mistakes as you go is how you grow. The key is to not let your gaze remain there but to keep looking forward. That is how you will reach your destination, your goal.

Always be aware of your surroundings as you go. When you are driving, you look not just in front of you, you also check your mirrors. Doing this allows you to make sure nothing is in the way should you decide to change lanes. The same holds true for your life. Always keep an eye out to ensure nothing will trip you up or cause you harm as you journey.

Occasionally, you will lose sight of what is happening around you. This is when you can make mistakes, or poor choices, and end up falling. It can be hard to glimpse our goal once we’ve lost our focus. If you find this happening to you, take a beat, re-focus and continue on. Get back on your intended path.

The worst possible scenario is when you lose sight of the picture you have for yourself. This is when you can become lost and stray from your intended purpose.

When the vision we have for ourselves is gone, it brings with it feelings of hopelessness. These feelings can lead to frustration and anger. Feelings, which when left unchecked, usually end up being released on those closest to us. This hurts them and in turn, does further damage to ones’ self-esteem.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to regain the vision you have for yourself. Once you know what your intended path is, walk it. Make sure as you go to keep your eyes focused.

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Have Courage

Have courage my children, for I am with you. If you believe in me do not fear; for your heart and longings are known to me.

My angels are surrounding you, fighting an unseen battle this very moment. The times are getting worse and they are needed more than ever. They will come to you if you call them. My angels will protect you, they have the strength of thousands but you are also strong.

You have the strength you need within you. I have given you strength to fight the enemy, to endure loss and sadness and to change the world for the better. You, my children, have the power to tip the scales away from darkness and back towards the light.

There are many signs being given to you, many opportunities in front of you. Opportunities to make things better, spend more time with those that matter and help those who need it.

You are stronger than you give yourself credit for and you are capable of much. Do not discount your worth my children for you have unique talents. Talents, given by me, to you. Share them with the world.

When you begin to fear, call on me and stand strong. Straighten your back and meet the challenges in front of you. If you do not think you are capable, remember that you are. Nothing is impossible when you believe and have faith.

Your will and faith will be tested these coming days, not by me, but by the enemy. The enemy is always testing, looking for a weakness, an opportunity to turn you away from me and towards him. Remember this and do not falter. When these times are upon you have courage and stand strong.

Shine your light brightly out into the world. When you do this, you will attract others, drawing their light to yours. Together you can dispel the darkness, not with violence but with acts of love, kindness and compassion. These are your strengths, the things that illuminate your light and feed the Spirit. The Spirit is your very essence, the source of your light, my light. The darkness cannot exist in this light.

Yes, my children these are trying times. I cannot promise they will get better right away. Remember always that you are not alone. My angels are fighting, right this second and every moment that follows. They are fighting for you, for the entire world.

Stand strong in your faith my children. Remember who you are. You are a child of the God, housing my Spirit. Never forget the gift my Son gave you, and have courage.

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Living Your Best Life

You only have one life, so you might as well make it worthwhile. Make a promise to yourself and begin, right now, living your best life.

Living your best life means making use of your God given talents and sharing them with the world. It means being true to your authentic self and purpose. When you do this your life with be full of joy and satisfaction.

Many people are afraid to live their best life and end up sabotaging their own plans. Whether it is because they think they are unworthy of happiness, or that they are not capable, varies but the reality is, for some reason, they do not have faith in themselves.

When you lack self confidence, it is hard to go after your dreams. Never forget that you are the owner and master over your thoughts. If you don’t like how you think about yourself, you can change your thoughts. Yes, it is that simple, and worth repeating, you can change your thoughts.

Everyone has a true purpose in this life. A purpose, which when put to use brings value to the world. It is your gift, your talent and when you make use of it your light shines brightly.

Living your best life is not only good for you, it is good for all those you come in contact with. People love to befriend, work with, and hang around people who are happy and joyful and that is exactly what you will be if you live your best life.

Do not mistake material wealth as being your best life. Usually you will make money and can buy nice things but that is not what is bringing you joy. Being in tune with your authentic self and purpose is what is bringing you joy.

You will find that everything flows smoothly, even challenges do not worry you. When you are living your best life, you come to understand that challenges and problems along the way are what help strengthen you and round you out as an individual.

It is how we embrace the challenges and stand in the face of defeat that defines us. Do not let these things cause you to doubt yourself, rather use them as the stepping stones they are meant to be. Confront your challenges and let them make you stronger.

Don’t shy away from life, live it. Be joyful, kind and compassionate. Climb the steps, face the world, and be true to your authentic self. You will find you are happier for it. When you do this you will discover that you are living your best life.

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Make Time For What Matters Most

Make time for what matters most. If you don’t make time, the reality is that it cannot be that important to you.

Don’t get so caught up in life that you lose sight of what matters most to you. This is usually not material things but rather people. Too many times I hear people say ‘I wish I had more time’, or, ‘I wish I had one more day with …’.

When you just move through life without paying attention you lose sight of what is important. Don’t spend time on trivial things, rather spend it with those who mean the most to you. This is something that has been magnified this year as many cannot visit their loved ones.

Take a minute and think about the people who mean the most to you. The ones who love you, support you and hold you accountable when you do something wrong. These are the people you need to spend time with.

Don’t be the person who wishes that they had more time with a person but now can’t because they are gone. Pick up the phone now and call them. Check in and see how they are doing and find out if they need anything. Let them know you are still available to them even if at times it can’t be in person.

While we can’t hug everyone, we can hug those in our inner circle and hold them tight. Rather than be annoyed by the fact that perhaps you are all housed together in closer quarters, take joy in it. Play games, talk to each other, plan an activity and just have fun.

Only you know who is important to you. You are the only one who can make time in your schedule to spend it with those who mean the most to you. It is your choice and only you can choose to spend time on the important stuff.

Don’t forget about yourself. You also matter. Make time for yourself in your schedule. Time to recenter, to relax and to recharge. You are important, and as such must look after yourself.

Remember too, to make time for God each day. Keep Him close to you throughout your day. Hold Him in your heart, in your words and in your actions. Let His light shine within, and strengthen you as you go about your day. Let it shine outward from you to others as well.

So, the next time you get busy doing nothing important, or find that you are bored, stop and do a self-check. Are you wasting time, getting preoccupied or just going through the motions? Whatever you do, ensure that you make time for what matters most.

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In My Reflection

I see a reflection of the person I am.
At times not recognizing myself,
wondering where I went,
until I look into my eyes,
then, in my reflection,
only then,
do I see the person I am.

Then, only then,
can I look past the external being,
look within, looking deep,
reflecting inward,
to where I am,
to where I truly exist.

The tears,
the sorrow,
the joy,
the laughter,
the dreams.
All mixed together,
all living right there,
reflected back at me.

I am exactly who I was meant to be,
I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
I am a reflection of my experience,
all of life lessons,
housed within,
always staring,
right back at me.

What comes next?
I do not know.
I can’t predict the future,
nor do I want to.
I can only experience,
experience what is to come,
what happens in this moment.

Looking at my reflection
I embrace it all,
the past which built me,
the now, with all its’ struggles,
the unknown pieces of the future.

Yes, I see it,
I embrace it,
mould it,
shape it,
change it where I need to,
where I want,
so I can become stronger,
be better,
be braver.

I see it all,
love unrealized,
of better days to come,
brighter horizons,
for a better world.

I have a role,
I play a part,
I can make a difference,
I see it,
I see it all,
in the reflection,
in my reflection,
staring back at me.

© Leslie C Dobson

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Look For Good In Others Not Status

If you truly want meaningful relationships then you must look for the good in others and not at their status.

Be impressed by those who show kindness, compassion, honesty and love not by those who are showing the opposite. People who live by the former are happier and a joy to be around while people who live by the latter are usually angry, dissatisfied and restless.

When a person is always trying to buy the next best thing, the bigger house, the bigger tv, the top of the line car, they are usually trying to fill a void. It is nice that they’ve obtained what they are wanting to be sure as most work hard for it. The thing is though, is that they are happy only for a short while. Eventually they discover it doesn’t fill the void and so they start again, looking for something to bring them joy.

Long term, lasting joy is not found in material things. You must look within and be happy with yourself. If you don’t like something you have the power to change it. It is your choice.

Do not make the mistake of believing your happiness can be found in another individual either. Yes, others love you but it is not their job to make you happy. Their job is solely to be our friend.

The best relationships are the ones where you support each other and grow together. When one of you is down, the other is there to support, each of you taking turns as needed. Time can be spent without words and you find joy just in being in each others’ company.

Good friends can go months without talking and then pick up like they were just together yesterday. The relationship is easy and flows naturally. Why? Usually because you are not looking for the other person to make you happy. It doesn’t mean they don’t bring joy to you but they are not responsible for your joy.

When choosing your friends look for people with similar traits. People who share the same values as you, not for what they own. Picking friends because they are wealthy and have all the toys we may desire is not the basis for a long lasting relationship. It puts you in the role of ‘wanting’ which can make you envious and eventually the other person feels used.

This doesn’t mean wealthy people cannot be our friends but their wealth should not be the key factor for the friendship. There are many wealthy people, who are kind, compassionate and giving. They help those in need and make good use of their advantages.

A relationship where we love because of who the person is instead of what the person has is one that will last. We are more interested ourselves in giving than taking which makes for a mutually beneficial friendship, where all parties equally contribute.

If you want relationships that last, look for the good in others not the status.

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I Walked Away

I walked away,
not because I wanted to;
because I needed to,
because of you.

I walked away,
with sorrow in my heart;
knowing what I lost,
thrusting us apart.

I walked away,
to start anew;
to trod a different path,
that didn’t include you.

I walked away,
to ease the pain;
to stop all the verbal and physical abuse,
you inflicted time and time and again.

I walked away,
from all I knew;
from friends and family,
who loved me true.

I walked away,
to keep him safe and sound;
so he wouldn’t bear the scars,
of having you around.

I walked away,
yes, this is true;
done for him, for me,
but because of you.
I walked away.

© Leslie C Dobson

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Open Your Hearts To Love

Open your hearts to love my children. You were made to love and to be loved.

Do not fear love children. It is a joyful gift and one of my greatest commandments; love one another as I have loved you. Do not be afraid to open up your hearts for you have a great capacity to love.

Your hearts know no limits and can love more than you are even aware. Love everyone you meet. There is no one you cannot love if you look at them through my eyes.

Even your enemies can be loved. When you love your enemies you see them with eyes of sorrow instead of eyes of hatred. They are my lost souls who need your love more than anyone else. When you shine the light of my love on them they become changed. Some will shy away from the light and will take longer than others to see and feel the affects of your light, your love. Know that they will feel it and will be forever changed because of it.

Everyone can be changed with love. When you love you are more joyful and your Spirit is at peace. If, however, you refuse to love, protecting your heart to avoid being hurt, then you are cheating yourself and all those around you.

Yes, love comes at a cost sometimes. You will lose someone you love, but if you have faith and believe in me, you will know that no one is lost to you. All will be reunited in my kingdom. A place where all sorrow and pain exist no more. A place where you only know love and joy.

There is always a risk that when you love, you will not be shown love in return … love anyway. When you love someone and show them kindness, they see me through you. They find me; for those that love are of me, and those that are of me love.

When you close your heart off to love you will eventually become bitter, often angry. Life is a lonely place without love. You children, are all brothers and sisters and as such are family … love one another as I love you.

Never shut the door on love for when you do this you are shutting the door on me my children. Do not be afraid children, open your hearts to love.

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