Bring Me With You

Bring me with you my children, in all that you do and I will be with you always.

In your waking and in your slumber bring me with you. In your going out or staying in, bring me with you. In your time of need or time of joy bring me with you.

I want to be with you children, in everything you do. When you start your day, if you ask it of me, I will journey with you. You can make me present by the way your walk throughout your day. Be kind, generous, compassionate and loving. When you live this way you carry me out into the world.

I am your greatest armour. Surround yourself with my white and loving light, ask for it to be a shield of protection. It will keep your Spirit safe from all darkness but you must ask for it, you must carry it, which means children, you must bring me with you.

I walk alongside of you always, but in order for you to fully bring me with you throughout your days you must commune with me children. You must ask, in prayer, openly and honestly.

My people recognize me in others by the way they live. I come across in their actions, their words and their love. You can see me in their faces as they shine, even in the sad and hard times, they bring me with them. I am in their tears and in their smiles, their hope and in their fears.

Bring me with you in your work, always giving your best. Treat others the way you would be treated, the way I have treated you. Be kind and patient. Do not grow angry if they do not meet your expectations, perhaps they did not know fully what you expected. Tell them gently, show them how, and be involved. Get to know your peers and leaders and let them know you.

Bring me into your relationships, your marriages. When you pray together I will be with you. Always act towards each other with love. Be open and honest with each other, even when it is difficult. Lean on each other when times are hard. Support each other, always lifting each other up. Be faithful to one another. When you do these things, you bring me into your relationships and I am with you.

When you raise your children, bring me into their lives. Teach them about me. Show them how to pray and carry me with them throughout their day. Raise them to be honest, kind people. Let them know it is okay to fail, tell them it is not the failing that people will remember, it is how they rise from their failures. If they bring me with them they can rise and shine for all the world to see.

I want to be with you children in all that you do but in order for that to happen, you must bring me with you.

Housekeeping For Your Heart

We hold onto many things throughout our lives, not all of them are good for us. Do some housekeeping for your heart.

Look into the emotions you hold onto. Release any that are negative. Hatred, anger, fear, worry and jealousy should have no shelf within, they should be purged and discarded. These emotions do nothing to help your light shine, when held onto for too long they turn you away from the happy free spirit you were meant to be.

When you hold on to hatred and anger, you leave little room for love. You focus on the negative. The only person that is harmed is you because often the other person has gone their way. If they haven’t, then by hanging onto your anger you are pushing them away. Explain your feelings to the other party if you can and then let it go. Anger that festers makes for a bitter and moody person. Hatred puts a shield around your heart leaving it harder for love to get through.

If you are afraid and worry all the time, you actually steal your own joy. Worrying won’t change the circumstances, and fear won’t change the experience. Some become so crippled with fear that they cannot go out and do things that would otherwise bring them much joy. After a while they believe there is no way they will find happiness and often they believe they do not even deserve to be happy. The reality is they do but they are preventing themselves from experiencing it, filling up their heart with emotions that won’t change anything. Someone once told me that worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but you go nowhere.

Our emotional hearts are meant to love and to be loved; to find joy and be a source of joy to others. When we clutter it with negative emotions we begin to squeeze all the positive emotions into the corner. Like a closet with too many old clothes that no longer fit, you must purge the negativity and air yourself out.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have joy throughout your day. The only one who can make room for these is you. So do a little assessment and decide if it is time to do a little housekeeping for your heart.

In This Place

It is in this place I find comfort,
a belonging,
like no other.

Here there is peace,

Here there is hope,
a hope for better days,
for love that is pure,
for life without sadness.

It is in this place,
this quiet, solemn place,
where I found you long ago,
and with me you’ve stayed.

It is here,
in this place,
where I can be whole,
be at ease,
be myself.

It is here,
always here,
in this place.

© Leslie C Dobson

Finding Peace is Always Possible

Days can be difficult, nights hard, but gather strength in knowing that finding peace is always possible.

There are several kinds of peace; peace of mind, peace of spirit, peace and quiet. All can be attained if you know where and how to look.

The easiest is peace and quiet. You must find a spot, just for you, that is not only quiet but also peaceful. This is a place where you will feel immediately calmer. A place where your whole body instantly relaxes. For some it is as simple as a bath and some soothing music, for others it is a quiet room, a meadow, or a park bench. Everyone needs a place where they can go and feel calm, only you can decide where your place is.

Peace of mind comes when you know you’ve tried your very best, regardless of the outcome. It is when you love honestly and purely and live with kindness and compassion. If you haven’t done these things, your mind becomes restless pushing you until you correct whatever it is that is weighing on your mind. You must reconcile with those you may have hurt, including yourself, or peace of mind will be hard to attain.

Some say, that peace of mind is difficult to obtain when you are struggling, whether it be financially or in a relationship. There are many people who are struggling that have peace of mind, These people know that they are doing everything within their power to make their life better. They live honestly and with love in their hearts. Yes, life can be difficult, sometimes brutally hard, but it is how you handle and approach it that gives you peace of mind.

Peace of a spirit comes when you are in tune with God. You know and understand that God has a plan for you, even if you can’t see what it is. You trust in Him completely, and talk (pray) with Him everyday, not just when times are hard.

Many find peace sitting quietly in church and simply ‘being’ with God. Others find it through prayer, saying the rosary, or a combination of all of these. To commune with God you must quiet all the busyness that is around you and draw on your Spirit. It is a strong link between you and God, because the Spirit is of God, therefore He is in you. If you know this then you will be able to reach that place within.

Meditation is another way to find peace of mind, peace and quiet, and peace of Spirit. You tune out all that is around you and turn inward, calming your body, mind and soul as you go. This is something that takes practice but once you know how to do it, becomes easier. Once you know how, and practice regularly, you will build a habit. You will find that you can centre yourself in that place of quiet quickly, anywhere, at anytime.

Some days you will only be able to grab a few minutes of peace, other days longer. Don’t let this discourage you. Know that you can get through the day as long as you understand and believe that finding peace is always possible.

Here In The Present

Tell me of tomorrow,
I’ll tell you of today;
talk to me of long ago,
I’ll whisper come my way.

The past is but a memory,
the future yet to unfold;
it is here, today, in the present,
where I live, where my story is told.

Join me if you will,
for go back or forward I do not;
the place you want to be is here,
in this moment, now is all we’ve got.

Now, is the time for action,
now, the time for rest;
now, the time to spend with friends,
and the ones you love the best.

Here is where you are right now,
and here is where you’ll stay,
for it is always here and now,
it neither leaves nor goes away.

So join me in the present,
let’s see what we can do;
here and now, give it all you’ve got,
the choice is up to you.

© Leslie C Dobson

Living Life In The Present

The only place you can live life, is right here, and right now. Living life in the present requires effort, passion and patience.

You can always visit your memories of the days gone by, but you must live in the present. We all can learn lessons from past mistakes. You can even miss people you can no longer see. Just make sure you do not dwell on the past, longing for the way it once was. You cannot go back, you can only live, now, in this moment.

When you stay focused on the past you may become depressed, stuck in a rut and quite frankly, miserable. There are only memories there, not life. You cannot change the past, no matter how many times you try. It is written in the stone and hearts of all people. History has been recorded as a guide; a guide on what, and what not, to do. For better, or for worse, we are who we are because of our past.

Likewise, you cannot live in the future. You can dream of what you wish the future to be but the only way to make things happen is now, in the present. Many factors come into play that can change the future. You have to adapt as these things happen. It is one thing to plan, it is another to focus so far in front of you that you miss what is happening right in front of you.

It is always, and ever will be right now. The above sentences that you just read are now in your past. You consumed them and are moving forward, always, while remaining in the present. It is the one constant that you have.

So, if it is always now, shouldn’t you give it your very best? You are in the process of making memories, of making history. A history, that when others look back at, will be a marker for how you lived your life. Make it a marker you can be proud of. Dream your dreams, work on your goals, love your family. These are all things that you can do in the present.

Don’t live in the past, nor try and live just for the future. Remember, and envision, but remain grounded in the present. You will find that you are much happier when you are living life in the present.

Let Your Light Shine Away

Oh that I would dwell in the place of eternal happiness forever,
leaving my sorrows behind;
living my days filled with an endless ever growing love,
leaving the darkness behind.

Oh how the glow brings all the warm feelings,
the love, the friendship, the light;
ever erasing the shadows of darkness away,
oh so gentle, but with such glorious might.

I will ne’er give in to my darkness,
no anger or sorrow dwells here;
I will not live long in the shadows,
I will not live a life filled with fear.

I will rise up and fight the great battle,
the light in me will grow strong and shine bright;
I’ll face the enemy when it is needed,
God is with me every day and each night.

My Spirit will be ever joyful,
for it walks alongside of our Lord;
I will shelter inside when it’s called for,
with Gods gifts I’ll never grow bored.

The dance will go on through the ages,
light chasing the darkness away;
oh let your Spirits be joyful,
reach inside, let your light shine away.

© Leslie C Dobson

Stay In The Light

Stay in the light my children, keep away from the darkness of the enemy.

There is a darkness brewing children, trying to tempt you and pull you away from me. You must stand strong and stay in the light. You have all the strength you need to resist temptation for I am with you.

I am saddened when any of my children leave and walk towards the darkness. I can feel their struggle, their sadness, their doubt and sometimes their anger. The enemy feeds off of these, luring and enticing them with lies and trickery. I will be here waiting for them to step back into the light but the choice is theirs alone. I will continue to shine my light and send angels their way to assist them.

Surround yourself with my light my children so that you can shine bright. You were meant to shine, meant to be a guide for others. You are meant to love and be loved, to live in the light and shine it outwards; a beacon, helping others come home safely from the dark storm.

The light will warm you and embrace you. If you call upon it, the light will protect you, keeping you safe. You can place a circle of protection around you and the ones you love. This will help shield them from the darkness of the enemy. You have my Spirit, it is strong, embrace it, use it.

When you live in the light you are of me, living flesh, that represents all that is good. It is on this same light that you will journey home when the time comes. Home, where there is light and life everlasting.

Be warned, the darkness of the enemy is everywhere. It is violent and vulgar, obscene and uncaring. It hides in many forms and in many places. There are servants of the darkness all around the world, trying to increase their numbers. They are disguised as leaders, entertainers and sometimes false friends. You will recognize them if you stay in the light and look at them with eyes of love. Whenever confronted, the enemy will shrink from light and love.

You have everything you need to shine. I have shown you the way children, all you need to do is to stay in the light.

Light and Dark

Light and dark do not equal each other. The light will always erase the darkness, chasing away the shadows.

Perhaps they are a good contrast when discussing art, photography and even clothing but when it comes to life, the light will always outweigh the dark.

Night and day, dark to light and light to dark. It is a dance, the two ever chasing each other. With the light we rise and greet the day, ready to face any challenge. With the dark of night we shut down, closing ourselves off and retreating inside, we replenish and rest.

What then of good and bad, where good is represented by light and bad is represented by dark? When we are happy we are joyful and it shows. There is a light about us. Our steps are lighter, our Spirit lifted and even our mood is gentler. People are drawn to us.

When we are angry, we exude an air of darkness, surrounding us and pushing it out to all who we come in contact with. People stay away from us as they can tell it is not a time to interact. Violence comes from anger, pure darkness meant to harm. The exact opposite of love and light. This is not a place one wishes to dwell.

I believe sadness is in the grey zone. We move for a little while from the light when our hearts are heavy and burdened. We stay there, in low spirits wanting to be comforted and brought back to the light where we feel good and loved. Eventually we return to ourselves and feel better, lighter. For some this is a continual dance, for others an ongoing battle.

Faith tells us that the light will win over the darkness; no enemy can hide in the shadows of Gods’ light. Our Spirit, is an extension of that same light; light of God within. It is available to us at all times and assists us when we are confronted by evil. It provides a clear sense of right and wrong. When we chose incorrectly, we feel it, and our light dims. If we live with love, kindness and compassion our light shines brighter.

There are many ways these two will interact throughout your days, your weeks and your months. Throughout your life you will have some dark moments, everybody does. The trick is not to stay there and to draw on the strength of your light.

Only you can decide what is right for you and what will make you shine. It will always be up to you to choose between the light and dark.

Clear Vision Requires Focus

When things are blurry and the path unclear, remember that clear vision requires focus.

Just like eyes that cannot see clearly require glasses to bring things into focus, so does our lives. We need to have a clear vision for ourselves and where we are going. This includes our daily lives, our faith, and our goals.

If you have a goal but cannot see the finish line, you need to take the appropriate steps to sharpen that vision and bring it fully into focus. You need to figure out all the tasks required to reach the end. If you cannot see it clearly, and do not know the steps required to complete it, zoom in and break it down. Focus on one step at a time.

For anything you do not know how to do or understand, ask someone who has done it before or search online. You may need to take a few courses to learn something so that you can keep moving forward. At other times you may lose momentum possibly because things are taking longer than you require. You need to dig in deep and stay focused. If you do this with determination and focus you will reach your goals.

Every day should be lived with purpose. Know what you want to do each day and then go about making it happen. If you need a rest day, focus on what you need to do in order to replenish yourself. It could be as simple as sleeping in, taking a day off, reading a good book, or just hanging around with good friends. Whatever your ideal way to relax is, make it happen. Then once you are rested, get focused and get back at it. List out each morning what you want to accomplish and then make it happen.

When we don’t have a vision for ouselves we end up slagging and wander without focus through life. We need to know what we want from ourselves, the type of person we want to be and the type of friends we want to have. If you don’t know what you want to do, that’s okay, try different things until you find your passion.

If you are struggling with the type of person you want to become there are two ways to go about it. The first is to look at people you admire and see what they are doing, then start to take some of the same measures. The second is to look at someone you don’t want to become and list all the things they do that you don’t like, then make sure not to do any of them. If you listen to your guidance you will know right from wrong and can choose how to live.

Once you are clear on who you are, or who you are becoming then you can surround yourself with friends who hold the same ideals and beliefs about life as you. Like attracts like and when we find what I like to call our soul friends. You’ll know when you find them as you will just click. Being with friends should be easy, at times no conversation is required, at others you, or they, will lend a much needed ear. True friends will support you and love you for who you are, without judgement.

Faith also requires focus. While you can pray anytime, anywhere, you need to still all your other thoughts and activities to have a conversation God. You need to quiet your mind and focus on your spirit so that you can feel Gods’ presence. In the beginning this takes a while to learn how to do it. We need to be able to sit quietly in Gods’ presence and hear Him. With practice we can do it more quickly as we know where and how to focus and we are able to sense when God is with us.

If you find yourself stumbling through life, stop and ask yourself why. What areas need more of your attention? Perhaps all you need is a little reminder that clear vision requires focus.

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