Live In Abundance

It is okay to live in abundance. We just have to be aware that it is possible and work to change any limiting beliefs we have developed.

Some people have a subconscious fear of living in abundance. There is nothing wrong with having an abundant quantity of joy, happiness, laughter, health, gratitude and love in our lives. Nor is there anything wrong with living with financial abundance.

The key is to not live with greed. There is a difference between greed and abundance. Greed has no regard for others and is solely about self. Abundance provides fully allowing you to share freely, without worry, with others.

To live in abundance, you must be willing to accept freely that which you desire. It is not just a mindset; it is a way of being. I am abundant in faith because I believe it in my very core. As a result, I am never truly alone nor without hope and have great peace within.

Welcome what it is that you want, and when you have it, don’t be afraid to share it. Others can benefit from what you have. There is nothing we have that can’t be shared in abundance with others.

Be abundant in gratitude and thankfulness for all your blessings, no matter how small. Do the same with love. The more you give, the more you will get. If you are afraid to love because you may be hurt, you actually will begin to push love away subconsciously.

Too often, people think they don’t deserve success, and they aren’t even aware they feel that way. It is a belief engrained during the formative years based on how they saw people living. Perhaps their parents struggled to make ends meet and had to scrimp and save every penny. It is possible a belief was created that having or obtaining money is hard and financial abundance therefore out of reach.

Discover what limiting beliefs you hold that are preventing you from living in abundance. Once you know what they are, you can begin to remove them and rewire yourself towards prosperity.

Don’t trap yourself into believing you cannot have what you want. You deserve to be happy and to live in abundance.

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Answer The Calling

Answer the calling to fulfil your dreams and live your purpose.

When we respond to what we are called to do, and we live our truth, we are living authentically. We can bring passion into what we do because there is not only a sense of purpose but a great sense of joy.

Living with passion is easy when you are using your God-given talents and fulfilling your purpose. The challenging part isn’t even knowing what we are good at. It is learning how to use that talent in the service of others.

Musicians join or create bands; artists use many different platforms to display their work. Each brings joy to the person sharing their talent and to the one on the receiving end. This is an easy example. Coaching, creating a product that helps people, sharing inspiration, cooking are all others. The list is endless because there is a vast amount of talent out there.

Living your purpose doesn’t mean life will be a bed of roses. It is not always easy, and there will be challenges, pitfalls and speed bumps along the journey. It means that you will be more joyful in your work, and you will bring joy to others.

A designer doesn’t always see the customer buy their product, but some people take home a new shirt, dress, or suit and feel good. The designer finds joy in making the creation while the others find happiness when they wear it. The two may never meet, but the designer is living their purpose, so it doesn’t matter. They answered their calling and followed their dreams.

It may take a while for you to figure out what your talent is. That is okay. Sometimes we have to look back to our younger self for guidance. We are less prone to negativity when we are younger and, as a result, are more open about what we like and don’t like.

Ask yourself this question. If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do that would bring you joy? Next, ask yourself how you could take that and turn it into service for others?

When we turn our dreams and talents into reality and begin living authentically, we can see the end purpose or goal. We will have to learn many things, but we can learn from others who are already doing something similar.

You may have to start as a hobby until you get enough forward momentum towards living your dream full-time. That is okay. Some hobbies are just that. They bring us joy but are not tied to our true purpose.

Only you can take action and respond to the call. Others can help and guide you along your journey, but the journey must be yours. Don’t be afraid to chase your dream. Go for it and share your talents with the world.

There will always be work ahead to turn our vision into reality, but nothing can happen until we first answer the calling.

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Peaceful On The Hill

It’s peaceful on the hill
sitting in the shade of a tree
as a gentle breeze blows,
air cooling warm skin.

It’s peaceful overlooking
all who were,
all who live on still,
watching visitors come in.

It’s peaceful on the hill
looking at trees of green,
clouds of white
and birds that fly by day.

It peaceful on the bench
where I sit in silent prayer
at the tombstone
where my father lay.

So, while we’re sad
knowing they have passed
time marches on
and they’re with us still.

And, if you sit waiting,
in quiet solitude,
they’ll sit beside you
where it is peaceful on the hill.

© Leslie C Dobson

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Own The Responsibility

It is not up to anyone else to provide us with a good life. We must own the responsibility.

No one can live your life for you. Nor can they give you everything your heart desires. The responsibility lies solely at your feet. It is up to you to decide what will bring you joy.

Likewise, it is up to you to provide for yourself. Don’t look to others to give you what you need. You have everything within you to make a good life for yourself.

We can indeed get assistance and advice from others, but it is up to us to take it and then go off and make it happen. You will find more reward comes from your accomplishments when you do your part. Self-satisfaction comes from a job well done.

But, what of other areas in our life where we must own the responsibility? When we make a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings, we must own up to it and apologize.

Sometimes, the apology is to ourselves for poor choices made, which have harmed us rather than help us. We must be forgiving of our missteps and willing to do better. Learn to forgive yourself when needed.

If we look with open eyes and an open heart, we can see the areas that need repairing and know where we have to focus our mending just as we know when we have taken or shirked responsibility.

There are also times where we need to own the actions of past generations for healing to occur. While we cannot change history, we can learn from it and acknowledge the failures of past generations. We can definitely do better than those who have gone before us.

It will always be through our own choices and actions that we find joy and happiness. We are the ones who must decide what will bring us joy, what will define success for ourselves, and what use we can make of our talents.

You deserve to be happy. Everyone does. Please understand, though, that no one can get you there except yourself. You need to own the responsibility.

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You Are A Citizen Of Heaven

God, I have lost my identity and don’t know who I am anymore.

My dear child, you are mine, and as such, you are a citizen of heaven. You are never without a home or identity when you follow me.

Even if you roam the earth for many days or years, you are not homeless or without a country because your home is always here in heaven. It was your home before you left to be born into this world, and it is the home you will return to when your time on earth is over.

They say home is where the heart is. While this feels true to many, the truth is that home is where your spiritual link resides—the link between your spirit and me. I am your home, your country.

You have a spiritual connection to me and to your heavenly home. Embrace it and draw on it for your strength. It will get you through dark times and will shine a light showing you the way. You must open yourself up to me and the light in order to access the spirit within.

Your loved ones have gone before you in both places. They arrived on earth before you and have departed to return home, back to me, before you. Even some who came to earth after you have returned home.

Smile, knowing those that have died are never truly dead. They have just returned home. They can still hear and see you, and they watch over you. You and they are still connected through the spirit.

One may be without a home on earth or even a country. Neither are they homeless or without citizenship because they are all children of heaven.

You are a child of mine. That is your identity. Live your life knowing that and engage with your spirit. Use the talents I gave you to bring joy, peace, laughter and happiness to the world.

Lean on me, call on me, and I will hear you. Let my light help guide you to a temporary home. No person on earth, no matter how big or beautiful a house they live in, nor how great their country, has a permanent place here. Their permanent residence awaits their return.

Never forget that I am with you, and there is a place in my kingdom for those who seek it. Never forget that you will return to me and that you are a citizen of heaven.

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Friends Are Our Spiritual Siblings

Friends are our spiritual siblings to which we are bonded by love and light.

When choosing friends, we must choose carefully because these are the people who will lift us, encourage us, hold our hands and support us. It is a mutual relationship built on trust and love.

If we chose poorly, we end up in one-way relationships where the other person is only in it for what they can get or take from you. They do not support, nor are they there when things are tough.

A good friend may be in your life for a short period, but they leave a lifelong imprint on your heart. Memories of them bring a smile, and when you connect after years of absence, it is like no time has passed.

Others are lifelong, and though we may not see them every day, we speak often. Some may live far away, but the communication is never broken, and when needed, they are there to praise, encourage and even cry with you.

While they are not born into our families, they are bonded to us. Sometimes, the bond is more substantial than sibling ties. Because they are chosen, we are chosen, mutually to the benefit and joy of each.

Close friends are tied to us through spirit, and we make each other shine brighter. They know what you need even when you don’t tell them anything because of this connection.

I’ve always believed it isn’t in the number of friends you have but in the quality. Reach out and let your friends know you appreciate them. If you haven’t spoken to them in a while, call them and check to see how they are doing.

Nothing can relieve stress quicker than laughing with friends, except maybe dancing with friends. I love when I can get together with a few friends and talk, laugh, reminisce or just sit in silence.

Hugs and smiles from a friend help release tension and lift sorrow. They know what you need often when you don’t. That is because they know and love you.

To all my friends, thank you for being you. Thank you for all you’ve ever done, said and left unspoken. I am better because of each of you. I love you and consider you a gift and a blessing from God.

We know in our hearts who they are because we are bonded to them. We know because they are the friends that are our spiritual siblings.

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Use Negative Energy

Use negative energy to your advantage. Let it fuel you in the right direction instead of holding you down in the wrong place.

Many people will tell you that you can’t do something. Some will go so far as to say that you aren’t good enough or cut out for what you don’t want to do.

Please don’t listen to the naysayers. They do not know what you are capable of. If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen as long as it is within your control. In other words, you can’t control what someone else does; you can only control your own actions.

When someone tells you that you can’t do something, you have to ask yourself why? Where are they coming from? Is it a place of envy, fear, or love? Perhaps, you, yourself, have given them a reason to believe you are not capable.

Some people do many things, work at many jobs and don’t keep any because it is not fulfilling. To those on the outside, all they see is someone who doesn’t follow through or quits when things get difficult.

Others stay at the same job, miserable, but doing what is required to put a roof over their head and food on the table. When they decide to start doing something different that they are passionate about, people may see it as irresponsible because they choose to leave a stable job.

It is up to you to dig deep and work hard for your dream. You need to understand that things will go wrong, and there will be struggles, but if you are living your dream and fulfilling your purpose, you must keep going. You need to be committed to your goals and willing to put in the work required, even when it is hard.

When others start to tell you that you can’t, don’t expend energy worrying about it. Prove them wrong. If you have a well-thought-out plan, you can show it to them.

Use their negative energy to propel you further ahead and solidify your goals. When you succeed, then you can sit back and smile, knowing you accomplished your dream. Your reward will be in the achievement.

Remember that some people will try and hold you back because they don’t want to be left in their misery. Some will try and hold you back because they don’t want to see you fail. Their fear of failure steps in and takes over. Others will try to protect you from hurt because they love you. When you understand this, you can step back and not be upset by the negativity.

Don’t let others’ opinions deter you. Make use of the negative energy.

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Live Your Dreams

Live your dreams and not your nightmares.

Our nightmares are all the negative voices saying we can’t, we aren’t enough, and we won’t succeed. Filled with fear and drama, they prevent us from reaching for our dreams. They make us run away and hide.

Our dreams are the desires and passions we hold for ourselves. The innermost wants that lead us closer to fulfilling our purpose. They are yours and yours alone. Only you know what they are and what it would mean to you should they come true.

Make every effort to answer the call of your dreams. Don’t let them go to voicemail. Answer them; answer the calling to fulfill your purpose and live your passion. These are your vision for yourself.

Some dreams are a warning to be heeded, letting you know there is danger ahead. Others allow us to visit those our hearts hold dear to us, no matter how far away they are. Most of them contain pieces of our desires. These are the things we secretly want for ourselves and often are too afraid to put into action or even say out loud.

When you have a goal for yourself, it usually starts as a dream or thought. We then decide to take action and begin completing tasks towards that goal to make it a reality.

It does take work and actions to turn your dreams into reality, but the result is more than worth it. If we act out of love and with pure intentions, we can manifest the life we want for ourselves.

We no longer need to dream about it; we can have it, completely and thoroughly.

Dreams are there to guide us and show us all that is possible. Our dreams are visions that allow us to see what it would look like to live the life we want, love the people we love and help the ones we can.

See your dreams as guideposts along your journey. Just because one is finished, it doesn’t mean that another will not be found. You have to keep going, keep dreaming, and you will get to the next directional marker.

Too many people believe that if they begin living their dream, there will be nothing more to dream of. This is so far from the truth. The truth is that as you reach one goal, another becomes available to you.

The possibilities for success, joy and love are endless, and you can have all of these things in abundance. You just need to be brave and have the courage to live your dreams.

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It’s Your Vision

It’s your vision. Only you can bring it to life.

You are in control of the vision you have for yourself. Own it. Make it a strong, positive and successful image that you will feel compelled to fulfill.

Ensure that the vision you hold for yourself is strong and pure—one based on positivity and love and not one based on greed or lust.

When we have a pure vision for ourselves and work to make it become a reality, there is a natural flow that occurs. This is because it is tied to our purpose and has a natural abundance that will follow.

It is when we hold a pessimistic vision and work towards bending others to our will and desires that we begin to stumble and fail. This is because we are going against our natural purpose and working from a self-serving place and not in service to others.

The vision you hold for yourself and your dreams are self-fulfilling. You engrain these as beliefs, embedding them in your subconscious mind. Knowing this, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make the image clear and pure?

When you see yourself as kind, loving, giving and compassionate, you begin living those traits. If you change that and see yourself as a failure, too fat, ugly, unworthy, you start living that reality.

Hold a positive vision and embrace it. Make sure you hold it secure in your mind. You can reinforce it with mantras, mental images, keywords, whatever you need to do to strengthen that positive image.

When we lose our picture, we become lost. Whether it is the picture of how we want our life to be, our dreams, or health or self-image, we begin to spiral down. Recognize when this happens and quickly redraw your image and push it to the forefront, shoving negativity away.

When you have a dream that makes you happy, it is a vision you hold of what life would look like if everything worked out. It may be similar to dreams that others have had, but it is yours alone. There will be differences because each of us is unique and our talents, while similar, also have slight differences.

No one can live your life for you. Nor can they give you everything your heart desires. The responsibility lies solely at your feet. Live the life you want, and deserve, the one you see for yourself.

No one can see what you want or know the dreams you hold unless you tell them. Your picture is yours. Know it. Own it, and if you don’t like how your life or going, change it. It’s your vision.

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Not All Things Are Good

We need to learn that not all things are good for us, and some may harm us.

Not all things we learn will be good or meant for us. Some things are actually stumbling blocks in our journey rather than stepping stones.

Pay attention to the path that you go down. While it is good to forge new ones, we must be observant and recognize when the path is dangerous and puts you at risk.

Watch for signs that provide a warning or signal. Often, someone else has tried and recognized the danger or been hurt, failed, etc., and they leave behind signs to prevent others from following.

Think of it like this, while we can eat many things grown in the ground, we cannot eat everything. Some berries, fruits and plants are poisonous and could kill us. It is up to us to know which ones and to tread with caution.

The best gauge is your intuition or instinct. If your gut tells you something is wrong, it usually is. This is not to be confused with fear.

There is a healthy fear that warns us of danger to keep us safe, and then there is fear of failure, being abandoned, unloved, etc. It is in your best interest to recognize which is which.

There are many ways to check if what you are doing is right and will lead you where you want to go. Yes, there will be stumbling blocks, and you may trip if you aren’t prepared or paying attention, but when you are, you can step over or around them.

The same goes for people. There will be trustworthy, genuine people who will love you for who you are and then there will be those who want you for only what you can give them. Whether it be inflating their ego, making them feel power over you, or someone hanging on to your shirt strings for a free ride, some are not good for us.

Learn to recognize who helps you shine. These are the ones who love you without the want of something in return, cheer you on and support you. They are also the ones who will tell you when you are doing something wrong. Not, because they want to see you fail, but because they see you are going down a dangerous road.

As a child, we take everything in. We learn either because we fall or because we are warned. For example, we fall and keep trying until we can stand because we are under the watchful eyes of our parents, who will make sure we don’t hurt ourselves. We hear and learn don’t touch the hot stove, or we will get burned.

As adults, the lessons become more complex, and the signs and warnings are not always as clear, but they are there. It is up to us to ensure we have guidance or instructions so we can learn to do things correctly. You wouldn’t jump out of an airplane without a parachute and some instruction on what to do and how to land.

Life is a wondrous thing, meant to bring joy and growth, but we must also understand that not all things are good.

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