Keep Going

Keep going my children, do not lose hope. This too will pass.

I know you are struggling children, I’ve heard your prayers. I am listening, and I am with you in your sorrow and your time of struggle. I am with you in your isolation. I am here and I am working for you but every one is not doing their part my precious ones.

There are people not listening, straying, and putting everyone at risk. As in the days of long ago, you must take shelter in your houses for this deathly virus to pass you by. You must not venture out into the storm or you risk bringing the storm to you and those you cherish.

I have welcomed home way more children than I should have had to. My house is open and all who enter are welcome and will be in a place of love and eternal joy, free from pain and suffering, but, this does not have to be. Do not dance on the edge, do not take the risks, I want you to live a full and happy life my children.

I am here when you all come home but you do not have to come yet. Stay inside and you will be passed over. Stay inside and protect your loved ones. Stay in touch using your technology.

Be smart and don’t put my servants who are working vigilantly on the front line of this battle in extra harm. These are helpers I have put on earth for you. Don’t take them for granted, don’t put them at extra risk or there won’t be enough of them to support you. You call them essential workers, I call them your earthly angels. Make sure they are looked after and kept safe so no harm comes to them or their family.

Never lose faith my children. This is a battle for which we all have our part. Yours is to stay inside so you can keep going.

Stand and be Counted

Let’s go all in and be counted, not as a statistic but as someone who did what was asked and came out the other end, healthy, happy and hopefully with a new appreciation for what is important in life.

Some people consider themselves above reproach, immune to the current virus and the only thing that does is put them and everyone they come in contact with at risk. I’ve heard people say ‘you never think it will happen to you’, well my friends at that point it is too late. We all need to be vigilant if we are to come out the other side of this.

Many people are doing the right thing and staying home, only going out when they need medication or food (essential goods) and they are buying only what they need for a week or two so that there is enough for everyone. We shop all year round and no one ever ran out of supplies or food. If you haven’t already, make a commitment to follow this and wear gloves, and then wash them as soon as you get home, don’t wear the same gloves over and over again. If you wear disposable gloves then dispose of them in the garbage.

If you have symptoms stay home. If you don’t, stay home. Find projects inside and outside of your house to keep you busy if you must but be one of the ones that can say ‘I did what was asked and I am okay’.

All essential workers are out there doing their part so we can keep going. They have already counted themselves in, let’s ensure they are kept safe by doing our part. This is the best way we can show our appreciation and help keep them safe.

We want everyone to be okay and the only way that will work is if each of us goes all in, so when this is over we can all stand and be counted as a survivor not as a statistic.

Let’s go all in, put your hand or your foot in the virtual circle. Remember, only you can decide how you will stand and be counted.

In a Field Far Away

In a field far away lies a girl on her back,
staring lazily up into the sun;
In a field far from that sits a girl and a boy,
he her beau, and she his sweet little hon.

But in a field across the sea,
a small girl lugs water home;
She can’t go to school,
has no shoes of her own.

Her field is barren,
not flowing with wheat;
no cows in the meadow,
and very little to eat.

Despite her challenging situation,
that little girl she still smiles;
as she dreams the same dreams,
as those girls cross the isles.

Copyright Leslie C Dobson

No More Discrimination

If there is one thing we can take away from this virus, it is that it does not discriminate.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young, old, middle aged, short, tall, skinny, fat, rich or poor, this virus doesn’t care. It doesn’t care what the colour of your skin is, what religion you are, it embraces all people of every nation around the globe.

This is a lesson the world needs to take away. It is time to put an end once and for all to discrimination in our world. We must instead embrace one another, learn from each other and be at peace with one another.

I’ve seen many unprejudiced people and am grateful for every one of them, but I have also seen the opposite. I have seen the worst in people and have seen how good, kind, beautiful people are wrongfully discriminated against. No one race is better than the other, we are different and unique. It is in our uniqueness that we are all beautiful.

We all bleed red. We all feel joy and sadness. We all want what’s best for our families and want them to be safe and healthy. We all want to love and be loved.

Now is the time, today is the day, everyone can take a stand. This is the call to put an end to it. It is both a prayer and a request, please everyone, embrace each other and let’s just say no more. Please join me and say ‘No more discrimination’.


When the one you love
Doesn’t love you
Move on

When you feel weak
Be brave
Stand strong

When someone is cruel
Stand tall
Take no more

When you feel you can’t
Spread your wings
and soar

When you are lost
Look upward
You’ll find home

When you feel trapped
Look beyond the glass
Outside your dome

When the one you love
Moves on, then,
then, you can remember when.

© Leslie C Dobson

The Importance of a Routine

In the absence of a routine we find relief for a short time, however after a time it can threaten our mental and physical well being. Now more than ever it is important to maintain some kind of routine, even if it is something small.

When we have a few weeks vacation, we tend to throw our routines out the window. We stay up later, sleep in, go places we normally don’t during our average week, relax our diets just a little bit. This is okay and helps us release stress that may have built up. When it is done for a longer period of time we can become lazy, we have too much time on our hands to think about all the things that bother us and a new type of stress starts to settle in.

Just like we start to get children back into a routine at the end of summer for the start of school, we should be getting ourselves into a routine. Start with something simple like getting up at the same time every day. You can still sleep in but pick a set time to wake up, and when you do, make sure after you have had your coffee or tea that you have a shower and get dressed.

Establish one thing at minimum that you want to accomplish during the day. It doesn’t have to be a big ticket item but do something that you can complete . By doing this you will gain a sense of accomplishment and help stave of boredom.

Keeping busy also allows us not to spend an excessive amount of time thinking about what is happening around us right now. Many are in an essential position and they are continuing to work, most are overworked and living in a higher stress state than normal; we cannot thank them enough for their service during these times. For the remainder of us we can get an overload of information which causes stress and allows fear to build up. By keeping busy we can help alleviate these, even if just a little each day.

It is in the absence of structure and our normal daily life where we find the importance of a routine,.

Stay Strong

It is easy to give up, lose hope, get depressed when you are isolated from friends and family but this is the time when you must stay strong.

It is important, now more than ever, to stay in contact with those you love, whether it is family, friends, neighbours, we all need human interaction. It is a basic need, one where we make connections to another being.

If you feel closed off from the world and are tired of tv, open the windows, stand on your front porch or your balcony and get some fresh air. It will do you good. Arrange to have roadside chats with your neighbours, perhaps you sitting in your driveway and they in theirs, or you on your balcony and they on theirs.

Use technology to your advantage and video message with people. There are many people who do not have this ability but you can still call and talk to them. Check in and see how they are coping. None of us are alone in this.

Music is always a quick pick me up. Play some of your favourite dancing music and dance. Dance with the kids, your partner, yourself. I had my own little dance party while I was cleaning windows, something I don’t like doing, but I get through it much easier when I’m working to a good old 70s song.

Not being able to see a loved one can be hard, especially when they are in senior homes. Many have gone and had calls while standing outside a window but others cannot do that and the parents always do not understand what is going on, be there for them even if it is just to listen.

Remember, this too will pass and if we all take the right precautions we will all come out the other end. Don’t give up, don’t lose hope. If you feel this happening, think of all those people out there who must face this every day so that we can have food, safety, medicine, etc. The doctors and nurses, the pharmacists, the grocery store clerks, the custodians who clean, the people who deliver the food and restock the shelves, the paramedics, etc. They are under a great deal of stress, so perhaps remember them when you are feeling down because you are at home. Many of them would give anything to trade places with you. Even if just for a few days to rest.

Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. This will end. Stay strong.

Be Thankful

Be thankful my children. I know in these dark times it is hard but you must not lose sight of all the things you have to be thankful for.

I have sent many angels to assist you my children; both heavenly and earthly angels descend to fight the battle of darkness. Give thanks for these angels children, even if you do not see them.

Those of you who have shelter, be thankful and try to help those of you that do not. These are the lesser of my children; the poor, the lost, the inflicted are all children of God. Find a way to help them through these dark times. I am with you and will give you strength.

To those of you who have food, find ways to share with those that do not. For them the struggle is harder than ever before and they need you, they will be ever thankful for you and your kindness and I will always remember what you did for my children in their time of need. Do not take more than you need, depriving others as you go, this too I see. There is enough if you all work together wisely.

For all those that are making it possible for you to continue to live, eat and be safe, you must give thanks. Without them it would be even darker and you’d be struggling more than you can ever imagine. Let them know you see them and make sure they know how thankful you are. Sing out, ring out and shout with thanks from where you shelter, they will hear you; you will bring light to the world with your love, compassion, kindness and thanksgiving.

I know you are struggling, don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith. I am with you and my angels are there. In your sorrows and your struggling never forget my children to still find ways to be thankful.

What We Take Away

From every interaction, action, discussion and observation we always take away something; a lesson learned may also be a lesson missed if we are not observant. So we have to ask ourselves, in these times, what will we take away?

There are always lesson in life and now is no different. All over the world lives have changed. Things once taken for granted are now hard to come by or temporarily denied. So how can we take something good away from this situation?

We must learn from this and take away a positive lesson from all the examples of kindness and goodness; a lesson of love and compassion. We must perform the same in order for us all collectively to heal and move forward. Do unto others and it will always be returned to you tenfold, often at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways. We must also thank and encourage those who are making it possible for us to continue each and every day.

Let us take this time together with our families as a blessing that we can spend additional time with the ones we love. When things begin to return back to the way it was, let us not lose this piece and make a pact to spend more time with those that we love putting them as a priority instead of our jobs and ourselves.

Perhaps we can all take away the signs around the world left when we are less active and spending time with loved ones, the ones that show the planet is actually healing. Waters once full of sludge are clearing or have cleared, smog is dissipating and wildlife is beginning to flourish without our daily presence. We need to find away to do better and not just return to the norm without losing the progress made when it comes to the environment. These are definitely clear signs but it is up to all us to take away this lesson and find a way to ensure we progress.

Moving forward may we never forget to be thankful for all the little things we took for granted. May we continue strong in faith, praying not only when disaster strikes but every day in a conversation with God. When we return to our churches, synagogues and temples may we see with new eyes the gift that has been bestowed to us; and they will see with new eyes, new heart and renewed Spirit that which I have given them.

No one can tell us what lessons are for us, only we can decide what we take away.

Staying Active Indoors

For many, being stuck inside can be overwhelming and depressing. One way to keep your mental health up is to stay active, but what does this mean when you are stuck inside?

There are many physical activities you can do to burn off excess energy when stuck inside your house. The stairs can be used to replace your stair climber and as a base for push ups for those wanting to start. Make sure you start higher then move to a lower step until you can eventually do straight off of the floor.

Cleaning house, while not fun for many, also provides exercise as does spring cleaning. Take advantage of the time and get a little work out at the same time.

Find fun activities to do to keep yourself amused. Emotional wellness is important and by keeping your mind engaged it is easier to ward off depression. There are a lot of different crafting and carpentry tutorials on the internet; go ahead and take up that hobby.

Another thing we need to ensure we look after is our spiritual health. Set time aside every day to just spend time with a God. Meditate, pray, reflect. This is very calming and not only strengthens your soul it provides a sense of peace and calm.

During this time of isolation, your emotional, spiritual and physical health all depend on you staying active indoors.

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