The Midnight Moon

The midnight moon glows
unveiling the sparkling
of stardust
drifting over the sky

The stars glimmer
twinkling in all their glory
waiting for a wish
in a child’s lullaby

Lovers embrace
and dance slowly
gently entwined
under the midnight moon

Daylight will come
and life rolls on
the night, in all her glory
taking leave all too soon

Yet, with a knowing
as sure as breath
she comes again
to shine and beam

Watched by many
traversed by few
captured in song
as you drift, then dream

Trickery of vision
belays her image
obscuring her entirety
from view

Clouds float by
an endless game
of hide and seek
yet still, she shines for you

Size and shape change
yet those who know
understand she is always there
orbiting, providing light

Look to the skies
enjoy the imagery
bestowed to you
on this moonlit night

For the blue moon
will leave once more
giving way gladly
to day and the sun

Yet for all the others
across the sea
she is shining there
where night has just begun

So though you may not see her
understand she has not left
she remains there always
as constant as the earth

Appearing nightly
as we spin and turn
to grace all who see
for all she’s worth.

© Leslie C Dobson

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Hold On To Me

God, I’m struggling every day. Where are you?

My child, I am here at your side. Reach out and hold on to me. It is sometimes hard to feel my presence when you are struggling, lost in sadness or weighed down with worry, but I am here with you, always.

Reach for the light when you struggle and turn inward to the spirit within. I am the light within you; I am in all things big and small. Quiet your mind and search me out. Listen, and you will hear me.

I am in the words of a song you need to hear, a response played just at the right time. So too, am I in the people around you. There are those who will help you through your struggles. I put people in your path every day, but you must look for them and accept their help when offered.

Life is hard, and there are many trials my children face. These are the times when you must hold fast to your faith and walk with me. Walking in faith is to shine your light out to the world, no matter what happens. It is to believe even when you cannot see or hear.

You look for me to be there, but I look for you to walk with me. Tell the world who I am by living a faithful life, a life filled with love, honesty and compassion. Be kind and let no harsh words leave your lips. Be my disciple and provide an example to all you meet.

Do not give up on me, for I will never let go of you. You are my child, loved thoroughly and always. I have carved your name and carry it with me. We are interwoven, and I am there for you today, tomorrow, always.

Too often, people don’t feel instant gratification, so they doubt my existence. They walk away because it is easy. The problem is when things go wrong, they jump back and ask why I am not helping. Do not be like them. Stay with me through good and bad times.

Pray and never stop talking to me. I hear you, and I respond. Please don’t doubt that I do not answer. The answer is always that which is in your best interest. Your purpose drives it, and yes, sometimes the answer is no. Trust me to know what you need and act accordingly, and don’t turn a blind eye to the response.

I have given you the strength you need to carry on. You have all you need within you to have a joyful life and complete your mission. All my children have a purpose, and each has their own unique talents to allow them to carry out their tasks.

My child, I am always here, and my legions are working continually against the enemy. Do not make his work easier by walking on the sidelines of faith. Walk with me and help others find their way back to me.

Teach the children of this world about me and help them walk in faith. Show them how to hold to me when times are tough. They look to you to be an example of my love. Not just the easy ones but the difficult ones as well. They need your help more than others.

You are not alone in your struggles. Many of my children have turned away and are struggling as well. Help them, and you will find that in helping them, you will also help yourself.

Never stop believing. Walk with me daily and talk to me always. Give thanks for all you have and live in gratitude rather than denial. Never quit on yourself or me. That is when the enemy wins.

My child, you are precious to me. Hold that in your heart during difficult moments. When you are struggling, hold fast to your faith and trust that I am there with you. Don’t walk away or doubt. Instead, reach out and hold on to me.

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Simplify Your Life

Life is messy. Only you can simplify your life.

Review all the things you are holding on to, and then remove the garbage. These are the things that are not needed. Items being held onto yet no longer serve any purpose.

What you are holding onto and not using could be used by another in need. Rather than have something sit years into your closets, cupboards and storage, purge and make room.

A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used something in more than a year, you can get rid of it. If you are unsure, then pack it in a box. If you don’t open that box for another year, it is time to go.

While there are some family treasures we hold on to, you can purge and remove many things. Once gone, you will not miss them, and you will have uncluttered.

Emotions are the same. We hang on to old wounds and carry them around like an extra bag of luggage. These feelings clutter our beings and make our lives more complicated because we are always trying to step around and avoid them.

Remove the things and thoughts that no longer serve you. They have become garbage and clutter up your life. Everything you keep should be of use now and bring nothing but joy.

When you carry around all the little things that bug you, they end up consuming your time and your thoughts. They bring no value to your life or the life of those around you.

Free yourself of this extra baggage. It may be invisible, but it actually weighs you down. There are no positive effects from lugging around negative emotional baggage. It serves only to hurt you, and at times, others.

Do yourself a favour and start to uncluttered your life. Pick a room each week and purge. Select items that can be donated and throw out worn-out or broken objects.

While you do this, pick a negative emotion and sit quietly with it. Look at it from all sides. Understand why it makes you feel the way you do and what possible lesson you have learned from it. Then gently let it go, freeing yourself from the pain and trauma. You will find a sense of peace will settle in its place.

Do these things until you have purged every room in your physical and emotional house. Once you are done, give yourself a high five and settle into a new way of being.

The next time you have the urge to hang onto something you don’t need or that doesn’t serve you, remember this exercise and let it go.

Joy, happiness and peace are all attainable. Life doesn’t have to be complicated or cluttered. Only you can simplify your life.

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Happiness Is A Mindset

Don’t let bad things and failures dictate your future. Use them to propel you forward. Happiness is a mindset.

We can let negativity take over our lives, or we can choose to push it away and look for the positive. There will always be a time or times when something terrible happens. This is life. We have to take the good with the bad. The mindset we carry is of our choosing.

Look to problems and failures as a stepping stone. Figure out why you failed and try again, or change direction as needed. These are the things that make us stronger if we let them.

One way to maintain a positive mindset when things aren’t going your way is to have a daily practice of gratitude. It doesn’t matter what time you do this, but try taking a little time each day and think about all the things you are grateful for. I like to do this in the morning and at the end of the day, but it can be done anytime.

Just waking up to face another day is something to be grateful for. So, too, is getting through another day when you weren’t sure how you were going to. We take many things for granted. Never forget that you have much that another person might not.

Another way is to remind yourself that what you are going through is a phase. Usually, it is short-term, and things will readjust. Some things can take longer to get through. When this happens, you must find something to draw on for strength. I draw on my faith, family and friends for strength.

Many things can affect us, a lot of them are within our control, but some are not. What we can control is our response to a situation. When needed, take time to remove yourself from bad situations, or pause and step away until things calm down.

If we are in a situation that brings nothing but unhappiness into our life, it is up to us to change it. Only you can change the things in your life that are not working out. Please note that this doesn’t always mean walking away. Sometimes, we just need to change our approach.

If we are miserable in our job, it is up to us to find a way to change to a more rewarding one. Until we can, we must bring our own joy to the job. This may mean training to educate ourselves further, or just switching to a different area and trying something new.

If we are unhappy in a relationship, we must change our approach. Determine if we are looking only to get and not give. Treat the other person as you did when you first met. Remind each other why you fell in love in the first place and return to those feelings. Often, we get too comfortable, and each stops trying to make the other happy.

Occasionally we will need to find ways to find our joy and pick ourselves up. Whether you listen to music that makes you feel good, watch or listen to a comedy or spend time with friends who can help lift you up, the action must be yours. It would be best if you chose to find a way to make yourself happy.

Don’t look for others to be responsible for your happiness. This is your responsibility alone. Others can bring us joy and make us laugh, but we are the ones who choose to be happy. We choose our response to every situation.

When life gets you down, and you feel yourself slipping into sadness, pick yourself up and change direction. No one promised us life would be happy all the time or that we wouldn’t fail at times. This is life, and it is a natural part of growth. Don’t wallow. Change your outlook instead.

Attitude is a state of mind, and having a positive attitude can make all the difference. Make a commitment to yourself to be happy. Never forget that happiness is a mindset.

Free inspirational or motivational posts can be found on the inspirational page of Leslie’s website.

Do Not Be Misled

God, how can I tell when I am being manipulated?

My dear child, do not be misled or lured by the lies of the enemy.

The enemy is full of trickery and will even use your loved ones to pull you away from me. Look with your spirit and see the shadow for what it is.

You have my light within you. When you are unsure, shine your light outward toward that which you doubt. If the enemy is present, he will shrink and shriek in my light. He will be filled with anger and reveal himself to you.

You must walk away from temptations that are meant to pull you into the darkness. The joy they provide is short-lived, and you will be left feeling empty, unhappy and unfulfilled.

The path of the light is not always easy, but there is peace to be found within. In the end, your reward will be worth all the struggles and effort that you put forth, for, in Heaven, there is no sorrow, only joy.

I know it is hard to resist temptation, but you have the power within you to do it. You have been given the gift of knowledge. This gift allows you to know right from wrong and recognize when someone is trying to manipulate you.

Do not let your love for another blind you or allow them to manipulate you into becoming someone you are not meant to be. You are my child and loved by me. Draw on me for your strength and hold fast, even when it is challenging.

Love, forgive and be alert. You do not have to stop loving someone who has opened themselves to the enemy. Remind them you love them but reject and deflect any darkness they push into your path.

There will be times when you have to walk away from the one you love because the enemy has grasped a hold so strong you cannot free them. When this happens, all you can do is pray for them and continue to walk in the light.

You are an example to all, my disciple and teacher. This includes teaching someone that you will not tolerate lies and deception nor be lured into the shadows.

Not everyone knows they are being used as a tool by the enemy. Manipulation is his tool. When there is love, honesty, truth and trust, manipulation does not exist.

Those who think only of themselves are the ones who try to manipulate others so they can get what they want. They think nothing of you, and their attempts at sincerity will feel insincere.

If you are asking the question, my child, you already know the answer. Look within and trust your light to guide you. Do not open yourself up to the enemy, child, and do not be misled.

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Do Not Find Fault

God, every day I see people lying and manipulating to get what they want. What am I to do?

Do not find fault, my child. Know lies when you hear them and manipulation when you see them. Rather than pointing a finger and casting blame, pray for them. This is what you are to do; pray for the ones who stand in shadow that they may return the light once more.

Lies and manipulation are the enemy’s work, an enemy trying to cast doubt and hatred. Look for the truth and see what is behind the words. You will know whether it is coming from a place of darkness or light.

Do not become the enemy’s tool by spreading negative stories of others. When you do this, whether through spoken word, television or social media, you let the enemy step into your life.

It is easy to see the bad in people and often more challenging to see the good. There is good, and you must look to that. My light resides in all my children. It is harder to see in some because they have dimmed their light by the choices they have made, but it is there.

When you put them down, you are, in fact, pointing fingers at the light within also…me. Be a tool of good and help them find me. Help them find the light within once again.

My child, I do not ask you to accept lies, just recognize them and act accordingly. If one must put another down to move ahead, he is not winning. He is losing. Do not follow him by boosting him up, nor shame him by putting him down. Guide him gently back into the light.

Please understand, my child, deception has no place in my world. You are not perfect, and as such, there should be no stone in your hand. Instead, your hands should be clasped in prayer and thanksgiving for the blessings you have.

It is one thing to be angry at injustices and demand change for the betterment of all. It is another to blame one who has no control over the change or did not cause it initially. Work together, peacefully, to make this world a better place. It takes many, not one, to right the wrongs of the past, a people working together collectively.

Do not let your frustrations and discouragements allow you to let words that hurt another fly from your lips. When you do this, you step into the shadows yourself. You must cast the enemy aside and shine your light to guide others.

It is too easy to stand behind a screen or on the sidelines and spread nastiness and hatred. You are my child, capable of much. When you see others making mistakes, help them. It is easy, my child, to lay blame. Sometimes, the ways of the light is hard because it takes more courage.

Ensure that you are fully informed. Do not jump to conclusions without all the facts. Make certain truths and not lies support your information. When you accept the lies, even out of ignorance, you take one step closer to the enemy.

Anger only serves to disrupt. When used the wrong way, it can destroy a person and turn to hatred. Do not get caught up in the hatred of others. See their pain and pray for them but do not follow them into the darkness. Forgive the ones who caused the pain and find a way forward in truth and love.

You, my child, are both the pilot and instructor. Sometimes you must steer alone. At other times you will be the copilot, helping another to fly. If you see someone veer off course, you gently guide them back onto the path. This is your role, your duty as my disciple.

Be a leader, a mentor, a confident, and a disciple. Look to how you can help others shine. Whatever you do, please do not dim your light by laying blame. Find the truth, my child, do not find fault.

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Live With Passion

You only get one life, so enjoy it and live with passion.

So many of us spend our days learning at school, then working and don’t leave much for ourselves. You are responsible for your own happiness, and living a life without passion will not aid you in that objective.

While work is important, many people get stuck doing something they don’t enjoy to make money. Days are spent bored and just trying to get through the day. I have always believed that if you don’t like what you do, you need to find a way to change it or bring joy into your day.

Sometimes, we go to school to do one job that satisfies what our family wants but find it doesn’t bring us joy. You are the one who has to live your life and is solely responsible for how you do it. Recognizing this helps us give ourselves permission to be happy.

I did not always enjoy my job, but I always took joy in my peers. Being able to joke around with colleagues made the day go by faster, and it brought joy into the day. That is something I can always get behind. I also made some lifelong friends along the way.

On those occasions where I was still not happy with my work, I trained for another job. This isn’t necessarily comfortable, but sometimes we have to go outside our comfort zone to grow. You also have to recognize you will temporarily reduce your free time while you do it, but it will be worth it in the end.

The reality is you can stay stuck and complain for months about it, or you can train yourself for a job you love, stretching yourself and then doing something you enjoy. If you train, you are further ahead than if all you do is complain.

Outside of work, we have friends and family that we spend time with. Ensure it is quality time and be focused, doing what you love, with those you love.

Passion is defined as a strong emotion. It is a deep feeling of love and commitment to whatever it is you are doing. Whatever you do, put all of you into it, and you will be living passionately.

There is a negative side to passion. Beware and know any emotion can be intensified. Living with passion talks solely to the positive side of life and the feelings that go with it. Purge the negative and focus on the positive. That is where joy, happiness and peace abide. Make a commitment to yourself to do this.

When you are committed to what you do and who you are spending time with, you will find work isn’t that hard, and life is more enjoyable. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want this for themselves.

You owe it to yourself to live the best life you can, bringing joy to yourself and those around you. There is nothing wrong with this approach, nor is it selfish to do something you love or spend time with people you care about. It is self-care.

When we are happier, we are more apt to continue to do things that bring joy to ourselves and others. We are fun to be around, and we are more at peace.

Go after what you want with commitment and passion. Do what you need to in order to find a job that brings you joy, friends who lift you up, and love yourself along the way.

When you find that joy, please share it with others and help them do the same. If you don’t and just complain, one year from now, you can come back and read this and realize in that time, you could have done something to change your circumstance but chose not to.

Living with passion is a choice that only you can make for yourself. You are worth it, so reach for your dreams and live with passion.

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I Am There In Your Struggle

I need help, God. Please give me strength and guide me in my journey.

My child, I am there when you struggle. I am holding you up when you are weak and sending angels and others to assist you. When you cannot continue, I carry you, although it is hard for you to see. I have always given you the strength to carry on. You must receive and accept it. Believe it.

You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Do not let the ways of the world make you believe you are not, nor take the easy way out by saying things are too hard.

Your spirit is your strength. Draw on it, use it and replenish it with good deeds and love. In this way, you can shine and make connections to other souls who can assist you.

All my children are there to support and help one another. This is the path of love and the choice of pure living. Look out for others, and you will find that others will look out for you. They will help you in your time of need.

Those times you struggle, know that I am there. Even when you can’t hear me or see me, I am there. I stand at your side always, ready to listen and assist when it is in your best interest.

My angels stand at your side always, ready to assist. You can call on them as you call on me. We cannot help you if you do not ask for assistance.

When you ask help from me, you must purge yourself of doubt. You must believe that I will do what is best for you. Sometimes when I say no, or deny a request, it is because there is something better waiting for you.

Only after time has passed and you look back are you thankful that the request went unanswered. In fact, I answered, but the answer was no, or not yet.

My child, do not lose faith. Times are difficult for many right now. Things will get worse before they get better. This time has been foretold, and those who are closely linked with the spirit understand this.

There have been messengers and prophets across the years who have provided a roadmap for all. They continue to provide guidance to be of assistance to you.

Beware of false prophets, for they only endeavour to mislead. If you look within, you can recognize them. They lead my children astray, spreading doubt and fear.

When you pray, give thanks and be grateful for all the blessings bestowed throughout your life. When you need something, ask with a pure heart. Do not put conditions on your request. I do not bargain; I listen and respond.

You cannot keep one foot out of the circle of faith. Love does not work that way, nor do I. You must, by conscious choice, be all in, knowing that whatever the circumstance, I am there.

It is always your choice. Free will allows you to accept and open your heart to me thoroughly. It enables you to understand that you are brought into others’ lives for a reason, and they yours. There are times when you are my response to someone else’s prayer.

When you feel weak, be strong and know, my child, that I am there. I hear you, and I have given you all you need to succeed and thrive. You have all you need to be happy. Never doubt or forget that I am there in your struggle.

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Sometimes I Sit

Sometimes I sit
to everything
and yet nothing

Sometimes I cry
by some
but not all

Sometimes I dream
so oblivious
yet also aware

Sometimes I walk
with purpose
always in observance

Sometimes I run
from fear
or towards joy

Sometimes I regret
never intended
yet somehow hurtful

Sometimes I pray
for peace
and everlasting light

Sometimes I watch
in shadow
yet full sight

Sometimes I listen
all words
not always hearing

Sometimes I overload
needing rest
and to replenish

Sometimes life hurts
stops suddenly
and yet continues

Sometimes it is all too much
Sometimes it is never enough
Sometimes it is too hard
Sometimes it is a breeze
Sometimes I’m a caregiver
Sometimes I need tending

All this I contemplate
and more
it’s dizzying
so sometimes,
just sometimes, I sit.

© Leslie C Dobson

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I Believe

I believe
because I have faith,
or, perhaps,
because I have faith,
it is why
I believe.

I believe
that all are equal,
to love
and to be loved,
freely, purely,
without condition.

I believe
the time for hatred
is ending;
racism has no place,
and silence,
no longer an option.

I believe
change is coming,
regardless of creed,
we are one,
united, together,
we must stand.

I believe
for every tear that falls,
a smile is given;
for everyone without,
another can provide
until none are in need.

I believe
we all have a gift,
to be shared,
and to help,
if we only allow
our light to shine.

I believe
that one
can make a difference,
and if we act,
that many
can bring peace.

I believe
all things are possible
with faith and love,
kindness and compassion;
that the meek shall rise
and arrogance will fall.

I believe
the persecuted
shall be strong,
and silent no more;
eyes will be opened,
and hearts revealed.

I believe
the time is now,
and now
is the time,
for all to hear,
to act, and to believe.

© Leslie C Dobson

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