If Ever I Saw

If ever I saw,
really saw,
what the world did to you,
what you did to you,
I would weep,
bleed on the inside,
until I was depleted
drained, lying on the floor.

For you,
you are a piece of me
as intertwined as my breath;
grown from within,
sewn together with invisible thread,
cared for,

If ever you knew what the world did to me,
what would you say?
would you understand,
or would you say ‘suck it up’,
not knowing, or feeling, or caring;
until I walked away.

And, when I finally fell,
and you could see me no more,
yell at me no longer,
or blame and abuse,
then, only then would you know,
only then would you remember,
what you had,
what you lost.

© Leslie C Dobson

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When The Logical Is Logical No More

When the logical is logical no more,
and you’re picking yourself up from the floor;
realizing there is no glass slipper,
still trying hard to be chipper,
as you fall through life’s delusional trap door.

When your heart has said it’s enough,
and you try to be gentle, not gruff;
but you find yourself crying,
despite all your trying,
you learn you really aren’t all that tough.

When you want to hang on but you can’t,
yearn to be patient and disregard the noise of the rant,
you try and keep your composure,
but find yourself wanting closure,
while love you are still trying to plant.

When you’re this low, it’s time to dig deep,
dump anger and darkness in an invisible heap;
you must shine out your light,
shine it strong, shine it bright,
hold peace in your heart and try not to weep.

When you feel all is lost, there is more,
and everyone is worth fighting for;
trust in God, keep the faith,
trust in love, do not skaith,
when the logical is logical no more.

© Leslie C Dobson

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Do Not Doubt Me

I am here and I am working on your behalf. Do not doubt me, my children.

I know it is difficult right now and things do not appear to be getting better but I am here. My angels are here and my people are here to guide and assist. They grow in numbers even in their weariness; for though the battle against the enemy is long and hard, my people endure.

These troubles are not of my creation. It is when one strives for power and control over another that these things happen. People who think only of themselves and how to control another have lost their way. They are my children wandering in the dark. Shine your light for them.

The times have been foretold, some to a few and others to many. Use it as an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, treating them gently and with love and compassion. Strengthen your bonds at this time, do not tear them down or put up walls.

Most of all, pray. Talk to me, come closer to me, hold my hand but do not blame me for the work of the enemy. Do not ask me why I am doing this to you, it is not me. There will be a time when I step into the world again to intervene but that time has not yet come.

Be conscious of your thoughts and actions for they can betray you. They can either brighten or dim your light; the light of the Spirit that resides within is strong. I know all, see all and understand your struggle.

This is a time for you to have courage and faith. It is a time to strengthen your bond with me, not to doubt it. Use your time wisely my children.

I am with you, do not doubt it, do not doubt me.

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You Are As Strong As You Need To Be

You are as strong as you need to be when you need to be strong. I tweeted this back in December 2016, more as a reminder to myself that I would get through what was happening at the time.

We all need to be strong at different times in our lives and for a variety of reasons. Different challenges require different kinds of strength. For example, dealing with losing a job is different than dealing with an unruly child. One requires the strength and determination to continue and look for another job, the other requires strength of patience to calm and teach.

Everyone looks at another person’s strength and at times thinks to themselves ‘I don’t know how they do it’. The answer is ‘because they have to’. They have no choice but to be strong and carry on.

We don’t all face the same challenges but we do have the capacity to endure more than we think we can. We only begin to realize it when we become that other person; enduring the unimaginable at times but surviving through it.

Physical strength is one thing that varies among men and women, with some having more strength than others. I can tell you this though, a mother trying to remove her child from harm’s way has more strength than when she just needs to pick them up. Adrenaline, fear for the child’s safety and love all fuel her strength.

I’ve said in a past post that one of my favourite sayings is that when God leads you on rocky paths He provides sturdy shoes. I have worn out the soles of many of my shoes but they are replenished and carry me when I need them to. I may not always understand why something is happening but I do know that God has given me the strength to get through it.

Losing someone you love in life also requires strength. The strength to carry on without them; to live life fully and not wither away. It is never easy, when it is a child, even harder. We take it one day at a time and hold fast to our faith knowing we will be together again one day.

There are days when for many it is hard to get out of bed and keep going. Every circumstance varies but they keep going and eventually, it does become easier.

If you are struggling know, and believe, that you have the strength to get through it. Why? Because you are as strong as you need to be when you need to be strong.

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With Every Tear That Falls

Sadness drops in
like a veil of mist
as tears back up
until the dam breaks
and they escape
flowing freely
into the sorrowful pools

Darkness comes
whispering rest in me
yet there is still light
and with light, hope
and with hope, peace
for darkness cannot survive
where light remains

God whispers I am here
you are not alone
never were alone
never will be alone
come, hold my hand
and you reach
wanting only
to leave sorrow behind

And, so I rise
shedding my melancholy
to face another day
to raise my shield
to carry on
and I get stronger in faith
with every tear that falls.

© Leslie C Dobson

Be Brave Enough to Ask For Help

Everybody struggles now and then, the key is for you to be brave enough to ask for help.

Asking for help takes courage that many do not understand. It means showing a weakness that we’d rather the world did not see. Many people just deal with their emotional stuff and move on. They don’t fully understand when someone can’t do the same.

Being told ‘get over it’ only pushes one further inward. For some, the struggle is so intense that it is debilitating. A lack of self-worth starts to creep in and the person just wants to shut themselves off from the world. If this is happening to you, talk to someone.

First, you have to tell someone you are struggling and need help. This is the hardest step to take for many. Second, you must be willing to accept help. Third, and just as important, you have to be willing to take action and make changes.

Asking for help

How you ask for help varies depending on the need. If you are in danger, being abused or fear that you might harm yourself, you need to get to a safe place first. Once there, draw on your courage and explain the situation.

For some, it is a simple as you reaching out to a friend whom you trust. This is a friend who will not judge you. Tell them what you are struggling with but also tell them how they can help you. Do you just want them to listen, or offer advice? Perhaps you need them to be with you when you go ask for help so you are not alone. The best way they can help you is for you to tell them what you need.

There are many groups and emergency support numbers that you can call if you need help. They can put you in touch with people who can help further. These people are the first response and trained in crisis management for situations like yours. You will need to trust them.

If all you need is someone to listen to you fine. Just know that if you continue to struggle you need more than that. Don’t struggle in isolation, be brave enough to ask for help.

Be Willing to Accept Help

When you ask for help you need to be prepared to take it. This might mean a change in circumstances, therapy, attending a support group, etc.

Accepting help takes courage, especially when you are struggling already and in a vulnerable state. You need to trust that you are strong enough and dig deep.

Once you have accepted the help a weight will lift. You will realize you are not alone in your struggle and there is someone, or several people, who want to help you.

Asking for and accepting help is not a weakness, it is a strength. It also is wise to know you need assistance to get through your situation.

Be Willing To Make Changes

You have it in you to do what it takes to improve your situation but you have to be willing to take action. If you are not willing to act on the help and advice provided you will remain where you are.

If you refuse to act on help offered time and time again, people will eventually stop trying to help you. They will conclude that you like your situation or, you are not as bad off as you’ve indicated.

This step is a hard one because it requires change. Even though our situation is not ideal, we know it and understand it. We don’t know what our life will be like without it and because of this we sometimes sabotage ourselves. Recognize that there is a natural resistance to change for many of us but don’t let that resistance prevent you from making things better for yourself.

Whatever your situation, wherever you are, know that you are not alone. Things can get better but it starts with you. You must be brave enough to ask for help.

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I Am A Female

I am a female
I am strong,
and I am brave;
yet, I am also gentle,
and can be fragile,
hurt easily by words,
and silence.

One moment I can take on the world,
the next I can be brought down;
down to my knees,
to cry,
to pray,
to pick up the broken pieces
and carry on.

I have the force of a hurricane,
and the strength of the mountain;
enduring the unspeakable;
yet, I am also the gentleness
found on a summer’s breeze,
soft, caressing and loving.

I am the wings of a butterfly,
set free from my cocoon,
free to fly,
free to love,
free to be me.

Yes, I am a woman,
I carry my armour,
invisible though it may be;
it goes with me wherever I trod,
and attaches whenever I say
‘Armour up girl’.

I can withstand the storm,
my shoulders are broad,
built to carry many burdens,
my own and others,
heavy though they may be,
I do not carry them alone.

We take turns,
and pass the torch,
the sisters of the soul,
helping each other
through difficult times,
tears, hurts, loss
and invisible pain.

God is our strength,
our refuge
and the source of our light.
His is the armour,
the protection,
that makes us strong.

Yes, I am many things,
daughter, sister,
niece, aunt, friend,
mother, child of God,
author and poet;
in all these things,
one is constant,
I am a female,
and I am strong.

© Leslie C Dobson

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Hold My Hand

You do not need to physically see me to know me, my children. I am here, reach out and hold my hand.

Many of you think of me in terms of a person, lifelike as you are. It is when you humanize me that you cannot hear me; for I do not speak to your ear but to your spirit, your soul. I speak to the very essence of your being.

When you know me through the eyes of your spirit you will understand. You will know that I walk with you all your days and am ever at your side. I will never forsake or abandon you. If I did it would be to abandon myself; for you are me and I of you. You are my child, my creation, my joy and yes, sometimes my sorrow.

You can hold me in your heart, knowing I am there, loving you. In this way you can hold my hand, drawing upon me for support, courage and strength. You can find security and peace within me.

No matter what you do, or what you say, my hand is there, as am I, waiting. If you wander and leave, I will wait. I will wait until the end of days for you to return and to take my hand; to claim me as your own and let my light shine upon and within you.

All you need to do is call my name and seek me out. I will wash away the pain replacing it with love. Know this though, you cannot just say the words with your mouth, you must mean them and speak them from your very soul; the source and light that connects my children to me.

Remember, this too. As a parent holds a child to keep them from straying, I too hold your hand to pull you back and away from unseen dangers. You may not ever know when I gently tug and pull you away from making things worse, or exposing yourself to danger.

If, however you decide to let go of my hand, I will release you. You have the will to decide whether to walk fully with me or walk in darkness. I will always give you the choice to choose light, love and eternal happiness over darkness, pain and sorrow. The choice is yours and yours alone. You just decide whether or not you’ll walk with me.

I am here for you my children. Won’t you reach out and hold my hand?

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Do What It Takes

We are all responsible for ourselves and must do what it takes to ensure our happiness.

Don’t sit back and wait for someone to do everything for you. You are the one who must put in the work and effort if you are to be happy and find peace.

It is easy to blame other people for your unhappiness but the truth is that you, and you alone, are ultimately responsible for your joy. If you are unhappy it is because you are doing things that go against your true purpose. This is true for your health and spiritual well being as well.

There is a living being housed within your body that makes you, you. It will be with you for the rest of your life, there is no escaping it. You can choose to do very little and go through life complaining about how horrible things are or, you can do what it takes to make yourself happy, keep yourself fit and obtain inner peace.

The best way to do it is by starting with the easiest step. Make a list of what is making you unhappy, angry or unsettled. Where are you feeling unfulfilled? Be honest when making your list and make sure to write it all down. Then be honest with yourself and ask what you could do to change things for the better.

The reason we ask what we can do to change our circumstances and make things better is simple, It’s because we are the only ones in our life who can effect change. We can’t make other people change, as I’ve noted before in other posts. The only person we can change is ourselves.

The second step is a little bit harder because it requires more thought. We need to write down what would make us truly happy. I’m not talking about the momentary happiness that you get from ‘things’, I’m talking permanent happiness. This will take time, perhaps days to determine. Be honest and ensure that all the ways you write down to achieve your goals are things within your control.

The last step is definitely the hardest for many to implement. You must commit yourself to take action and then, well, take it. You are the only one who can make the changes necessary in your life to rid it of the negative, unhappy and sometimes harmful ways, replacing them with positive, happy and productive ones.

It is not enough to understand and know what it takes, you must be willing to do what it takes. What are you waiting for? The joy is yours for the taking.

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As The Sun Sets

And as the sun sets,
my mind wanders
over the day past.

Was I good enough,
kind enough,
loving and forgiving?

What will the morrow bring?
Continued sadness, or joy,
hope or despair?
The answer, residing ever,
and always, in me.

For, it is in faith I live,
and in faith, hope,
and in hope, peace.

Yes, there may be sorrow,
even anger and regret,
but they live not long
where peace resides.

For, if I have done my best,
at every turn,
learning as I go,
regret cannot live long,
anger cannot remain,
and sorrow dissipates
like snow in the melting sun.

The key is to learn,
at every turn,
from every misstep,
so as to grow,
in an ever continual pursuit
of light, love and happiness.

So, I let my mind wander,
and revisit my day,
in order to get stronger,
better, kinder,
and I do this all,
as the sun sets.

© Leslie C Dobson

If you liked this poem, you can find additional ones on the poetry page of my website.

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