You Get To Live Every Day

Someone once said to me that you only die once, but you get to live every day. How true that is. Living life is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted. We come into this life free of sin, prejudice, envy and all the other negative things that life can teach us. Everything weContinue reading “You Get To Live Every Day”

Not Everything Is Meant For You

We may think we want it all, but not everything is meant for you. Some things are just not meant for us. They are either not safe, won’t bring joy or go against the morals of society. When we are young, we usually want what our friends have, and that is where it starts. WantingContinue reading “Not Everything Is Meant For You”

Live With An ‘I Can’ Attitude

It’s easy to say we ‘can’t,’ but you will be more successful if you live with an ‘I can’ attitude. Sometimes, people give up on dreams too quickly. Whether it be from fear of success, fear of failure or self-sabotage, the words ‘I can’t’ should be purged from your vocabulary. People are afraid to succeedContinue reading “Live With An ‘I Can’ Attitude”